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Mobile gambling is becoming popular among both experienced players and novices. As a result, most prestigious operators want to make gambling via smartphones as easy as possible for their customers. Modern and reliable casinos are opting to provide payment systems via mobile devices. One such option is Pay by Phone bill. Players won’t need any special casino tips to use it. They must have only an active postpaid card and any smartphone to pay by this method.

Most players use traditional payment methods. They are still afraid to transfer real money with their phones. Yet, this type of payment has its advantages that players are not yet aware of enough. For that reason, we performed all detail checks. Our goal is to point out that deposit by phone bill casino canada can be convenient for users. Customers can play casino games on trusted platforms and pay deposits by secure methods.

Here we explained the deposits, resolved casino win payouts, and highlighted other significant facts. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Pay by Phone bill and how to make the first deposits?

The Pay by Phone bill payment option is reliable, fast, and practical. To make a deposit you will only need a phone number and a network provider. It differs from e-wallets and other payment systems. At this method, money subtracts from your phone bill, not through your bank account. Thus, your sensitive data remains protected from potential online threats. This payment system is also characterized by low deposit limits. Usually, the min deposit limit is $1 to $10. The max deposit limit can be $30 per day. To make it easier to explain the deposit process we have made a short guide in the form of the list below.

You don’t need any casino life hacks to learn how to deposit. To complete the deposit process using a smartphone number, follow these steps:

  1.     Choose a trusted bookmaker and complete the registration process
  2.     Open the deposit section and select the Pay by Phone method
  3.     In the field shown, enter the desired deposit amount and mobile number
  4.     Receive an SMS confirmation code on the device
  5.     Return to the deposit section and enter the confirmation code
  6.     Finally, you will receive another SMS notifying you of a successful transaction
  7.     Make your first bet

The postpaid operator will approve deposit transactions immediately. So, you can play casino games right away. But the funds paid will not be deducted from you immediately. The deposited money will be removed from your monthly phone bill.

That is, the costs will be calculated when you receive your next phone bill. So, in essence, you have no obligation to pay immediately. Also, you need to know that the casino may be checking your postpaid transactions. The casino may ask you to confirm that you pay your phone bill on time. That’s how they ensure that you do not add too much to your account. Also, it is one way to keep gambling activities under control.

There is another way to keep your gambling under control. For every payment you make, you will receive an SMS confirmation on your mobile device. This way, you will be able to gain insight into every transaction you have made by opening the inbox. So, you will notice that you have gone too far with transactions and take a break without making a deposit. As you can see phone payments promote respect for responsible gambling policies.

Withdrawal using Pay by Phone bill

This is a great mobile deposit option. But users will unfortunately not be able to withdraw casino wins. Players must use other available payment systems to withdraw funds from their accounts. Some often used alternatives are e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrencies. Depending on the chosen operator, different withdrawal systems will be on offer. We need to emphasize two things about withdrawals. First, they last longer than the phone bill deposits. Second, compared to mobile deposits, payout transactions may involve extra costs.

Can a gamer activate bonuses using the Pay by Phone bill method?

Bonuses are essential casino features. Any player who uses the mobile payment option can take every bonus on offer. Like all other users who use e-wallets, bitcoin, and other methods, those who use the phone bill will be able to activate every available casino bonus. We must point out that the phone bill option has low deposit limits. This may be the only restriction on activating the bonus in case a larger payment amount is required. Thus, we recommend platforms with lower deposit limits to players.

Play casino games with bonuses

Users will have the opportunity to activate the welcome bonus using the Pay by Phone bill option. After successful account registration and verification, the player must make a deposit. Using the pay by phone bill method, the player can top up his cash account for the first time and qualify for the bonus. The welcome offer usually includes free bonus funds. Some casinos may offer free spins besides free money. The offer of free spins can come as a special operator promotion. Apart from this, casinos may or may not offer other bonus offers. Yet, operators who use mobile payments usually try to expand the bonus offers. 

Advantages of phone bill payment methods 

There are several advantages that we will explain in more detail below. 

Deferred payment – As you can see the deposits won’t be deducted from your phone bill immediately. This can be useful if you are currently in a financial crisis until your next salary.

Instant deposits with no fees – Phone bill allows automatic deposits. Also, you will not compel to pay extra transaction costs. With instant deposits, you can immediately start playing casino games. So, there is no need for unnecessary procrastination.

Security and protection of your private data – Unlike paying with a bank transfer, a phone bill will not push you to enter sensitive data. For deposits, the only personal information you need to enter is a phone number. Thus, you avoid even the potential for misuse and illegal use of your bank information. Also, your transactions go through verification via SMS code.

It ensures that you have started the process to top up your casino account. If you have not initiated the deposit process, you can avoid the transaction. The person who did this on your behalf will not have access to the code.

Easy consumption control – As we said, there are certain limits that apply to the amount you can pay in one day. It is usually limited to about $30 per day. Given the low deposit limits, you will not be able to spend much. Also, in the mobile inbox, you can check all transactions. You can make a fast calculation of how much your monthly consumption is. If it exceeds the amount you can tolerate, we recommend that you stop making payments.

Last words about postpaid payments

We saw that this is a great deposit option without the need for special casino tips to use it. It enables fast, secure, and cost-free transactions. But the downside is that players are still unable to use the phone bill to withdraw real money. We must point out that only reliable casinos offer this payment system. So, finding a secure alternative withdrawal solution will not be difficult.

We also must mention that the safety of phone transactions depends on the players. That is, the user’s only task will be to keep the phone safe when receiving the SMS verification code. Bank details and other private information cannot be available on the gambling site. The gamer does not disclose them.