The crypto-verse is experiencing tremendous growth with different cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems. For instance, Gala (GALA) is a play-to-earn ecosystem that allows users to earn income as they play games and explore the metaverse. However, Quilvius (QIUV) is the ecosystem that will allow users to earn for their creativity, storytelling, and writing skills, as well as their pursuit of acquiring knowledge.

Before now, books and other written publications thrived excellently, but now, the easy access to information on the internet has greatly reduced their usefulness. Only a handful of people still resort to books to acquire knowledge, bringing about a sense of elitism in readers. Now to get a good book, you’ll be spending more than what you need to access that information on the internet easily.

Quilvius (QVIU) seeks to ensure the reading culture does not die and people don’t totally neglect their quest for knowledge through books.  With Quilvius, users can get books at cheap rates and share their knowledge with the community members of Quilvius Dais. In addition, there’ll be enough resources to accommodate authors, lessons, translators, readers, and investors.

Today, you can join the community by buying QIUV tokens with BNB and a few other cryptocurrencies. The QVIU tokens will be used to buy, rent, and publish books on the platform’s library. As a result, Quilvius will eliminate the use of publishing companies to ensure authors get their work’s worth and make their books cheaper for users who want to access knowledge.

Buy QVIU tokens with BNB or other cryptocurrencies to be part of the Quilvius Troupe, a passionate community about acquiring knowledge and sharing. With Quilvius, users will earn from doing what they consider hobbies, like the Gala (GALA) coin.

Become A Quilvius (QVIU) User With BNB And Reap Profits That Could Rival Gala (GALA) In Value

You can become a Quilvius (QVIU) user when you purchase the tokens with BNB and a few other cryptocurrencies. Regardless of your role in the community, you can become a user by accumulating QVIU tokens and partaking in surf trading. Users will also get to buy books from authors directly with the QVIU tokens.

As you invest in the community and help keep the platform afloat, you get a commission for each transaction that takes place on the network. When you keep accumulating, and your wallet grows, the QVIU tokens will get to a point where it becomes profitable as it’ll be a coin that reduces in supply over time.

To become a user of QVIU tokens, you can buy with BNB and several other cryptocurrencies to get a bonus on your purchases. For example, if you buy QVIU with ETH, BNB, USDT TRC-20, USDT ERC-20, or BTC, you get 20%, 18%, 16%, 14%, or 12% more of the tokens you buy. Also, if you sign up on the platform and buy QVIU with BNB or fiat currency within 15 minutes of registration, you’ll get 50% more of the tokens you buy.

Quilvius Has Its Authors At The Forefront Of The Ecosystem

Asides from being a user of the platform to enjoy benefits, you can be an author at the heart of the operation. Without the authors, there will be no books to fill the Quilvius library and no decentralization of knowledge achieved. Moreover, as an author, your commissions and profits are fully yours with the elimination of publishing companies.

Also, you get to register with a translator, if you wish, to make your works available to a wider range of audiences. These translators will also get part of your commissions, but you get to define how much is going to them. As readers buy and talk about your works, you’ll get more commissions, publicity, and better rates as the platform grows.


Quilvius (QVIU) is here to change lives in the education sector by making knowledge easily accessible to several individuals. Join the platform today by purchasing QVIU tokens and get value for your useage in the long run.