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The crypto crash is an endless field of opportunities for investors, even though the market seems bleak at the moment. Seasoned traders and investors know that now is the right time to actively seek coins with a high potential to blow up their wallets. Although it’s a risky venture, given that coins’ performances in the bear market are rather unpredictable, the benefits outweigh the risks by far.


Collectixt (CLEX) is one of the new cryptocurrencies that have emerged amidst the raging crypto dip; the innovative features it brings to the table may enable it to survive the crash. And old-timers Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) are rallying for a price surge in the coming weeks. Let’s discuss these cryptocurrencies and whether they are worth their generated hype.


What Is The Collectixt  (Clex)?

Collectixt  (CLEX) is the utility token of the Collectixt ecosystem. It will enable users to control their non-fungible token (NFT) assets and optimize the platform fully.


Since their advent, NFTs have become the cream of the crop in the DeFi space. From mega-celebrities endorsing special projects to NFT-themed songs being released, the NFT space has been getting much attention lately. Garnering millions of enthusiasts in a short while, NFTs are an unstoppable force.


Nonetheless, NFTs still pose a couple of problems. For one, NFTs gaining traction in marketplaces often has extremely high values. Some of the most wanted NFTs range from hundreds of thousands to even half a million dollars. While this is good for their owners, it tends to trample the competition.


These days, to be a successful NFT trader, you have to belong to a club of special NFT users. For instance, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is perhaps the most exclusive NFT club today, and each NFT in the collection is worth at least several thousand dollars. And there are many other groups like this where users have to pay a certain amount to gain membership.


Where the problem comes from is the difficulty that arises from trying to sell NFTs on your own. Your work won’t get noticed in marketplaces if you don’t belong to a valuable NFT club. The only exceptions to this limitation are renowned artists with solid portfolios, so starting on your own can be a terrible experience.


But the Collectixt NFT Marketplace plans on solving this problem by using innovative measures to increase users’ visibility in the network. It will be a cross-chain platform accessible by traders across several blockchains. The ecosystem’s utility token, Collectixt  (CLEX), will be responsible for powering the system and helping users access special rewards.



What Makes The Collectixt Ecosystem Unique?

The Collectixt ecosystem is quite dissimilar from other platforms in several ways. For one, it’s completely dedicated to providing utility for NFT traders. Collectixt aims to create user-friendly solutions to its users’ problems when minting and trading NFTs.


Some NFT platforms tend to discreetly grant ownership rights to NFTs minted on their platform. This makes them earn a certain percentage of profits when these NFTs appreciate. Collectixt will ensure that the entire process of minting NFTs is transparent and no shady procedures occur.


Furthermore, Collectixt  (CLEX) will enable users to mint their tokens for very low gas fees. This will drastically cut costs for thousands of artists looking to make money from their work. Also, the Collectixt network has special incentives for users who use the Collectixt  (CLEX) to mint their NFTs; they get special discounts and token bonuses.


One of the most appealing things about the Collectixt ecosystem is that it’s built on Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC), two of the biggest blockchain networks in the DeFi space. Ethereum is the second most popular blockchain in the DeFi space, only seconded by Bitcoin. It’s currently the most used blockchain for smart contract execution and a favourite for several decentralized application developers.


Polygon, on the other hand, is a blockchain platform that enables developers to create scalable solutions by employing sidechains that pivot on Ethereum’s smart contract functionality. The major problem Ethereum faces is its lack of scalability; nonetheless, Collectixt  (CLEX) isn’t taking any chances by combining the best of both worlds using Polygon.


Based on Ethereum’s popularity alone, there’s a high chance that the Collectixt  (CLEX) will gain much attention. However, the platform only wants to be popular for providing second-to-none utility for its users. So, the future seems bright for the Collectixt ecosystem.


What Else Does The Collectixt Ecosystem Have To Offer?

The Collectix ecosystem comprises more than just the Colletixt token and the Collectixt NFT Marketplace. It also has the Collectixt Pay platform and other innovative features that make it unique.


Collectixt Pay is an online platform that enables users to make payments using Collectixt  (CLEX) and other cryptocurrencies. It will also allow users to buy NFTs using decentralized assets and exchange their tokens. Also, Collectixt Pay will have a smartphone application that will help its users do all these from the comfort of their phones.


Because the Collectixt ecosystem is hinged on its promise to make things easier for NFT traders, it’s developing this platform with a user-friendly UI. By doing so, it hopes to demystify the crypto trading process and create a better user experience for its users.


The Collectixt ecosystem is also enthusiastic about the metaverse and its financial opportunities. So, it will not only support the minting and trade of structural designs for virtual real estate, but it will also support the trade of unique gaming assets. In essence, users can earn from the architectural designs they make and even their gaming assets.


The Collectixt ecosystem also allows users to stake their Collectixt s (CLEX) and NFTs. BY holding their assets in wallets for a long period, users will be eligible for designated rewards the network provides. While the network doesn’t particularly mention pooling, there’s a possibility that this feature, alongside yield farming, will be available when it launches.


Does The Collectixt Ecosystem Have A Roadmap?

The Collectixt ecosystem has a roadmap that comprises five phases. It hopes that by completing these phases, it would have gained a good user base.

Phase 1, which has already been completed, involves the development of the network’s website. This website will be crucial to the Collectixt ’s (CLEX) presale and initial token trade. The next step on the roadmap will involve the release of the network’s whitepaper.


Next is phase 3, when the Collectixt  (CLEX) will be offered to select investors in a private sale, which will occur shortly after the whitepaper goes live. Then, the token will be released for public purchase in Phase 4, just before the network engages in massive marketing campaigns in the last phase.




How To Buy The Collectixt  (CLEX)

The Collectixt  (CLEX) is currently on pre-sale and can be bought on its website after registering. To buy the token, you’ll need some ETH or $USD. When you do, you’ll be able to convert your crypto or fiat currency into a certain amount of CLEX tokens.


The tokens you buy will be available for you to claim when the presale ends. Collectixt has already caught the public eye and may just grow to 10x its value soon. For its emphasis on the NFT space, there’s a high probability that it will garner a broad user base in no time.

Is Buying Cardano (ADA) Now A Good Idea?

Cardano (ADA) is one of the first blockchain networks to herald the now popular proof-of-stake mechanism, making it infinitely scalable. Its focus on providing real power for crypto holders and complete decentralization of assets made it gain mainstream recognition.


Cardano (ADA) is so popular that it generates nearly a billion dollars in daily trading volume via its native token, ADA. While this is a formidable feat that only the top 10 percent of cryptocurrencies can achieve, it doesn’t make the platform immune to market trends.


Even though Cardano was hit badly by the crypto crash, it’s been showing positive upward trends recently. Peaking at $0.59 by mid-August, it shows a lot of potential to grow even more in September. Analysts predict that it may just reach unexpectedly high values come December.


So, holding ADA now isn’t a bad idea. It may just be the boost your portfolio needs in this turbulent period.


Does Ripple (XRP) Still Have Anything To Offer In 2022?

XRP, Ripple’s native token, has seen tough times in 2022. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing since the entire market went down under. Impressively, XRP has managed to stay among the top cryptocurrencies in the coin market today.



Although the cryptocurrency market has been rather unpredictable for Ripple (XRP), its trading volume is beginning to surge and it has been on that trend for a while with no sign of waning.


There’s barely any better sign to hold XRP right now, as it may continue to ride on this trend until it grows to two times its current value in December.


Collectixt  (CLEX), Cardano (ADA), and XRP are tokens you should consider holding before 2022 ends. Because of the upward trends they are showing, they may just continue to grow and provide reasonable returns by December.


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