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As more developers and investors enter the business, the cryptocurrency industry is gaining popularity and diversity. The space is gradually evolving into a multipurpose network for the satisfaction of teeming crypto enthusiasts.

Consequently, the crypto space has incorporated many gaming activities. One prominent crypto with this refreshing theme is Moshnake.

The word “Moshnake” is a product of semantic ingenuity. It is the artistic fusion of “Mosh” and “Snake.” To mosh means to jump or move aggressively to collide with an object, while a snake is a legless reptile.

Moshnake is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game using snakes as predatory protagonists. Gamers will maneuver their Moshnake NFTs to feed them eggs of varying values. The snakes will have to compete with other snakes for games in the royal arena.

Moshnake operates on a prominent blockchain, BNB Smart Chain. Its ticker symbol will be $MSH. The project will arouse fun and reward fun seekers for their engagement.


Moshnake is set to revive, rebrand, and redefine the age-old, legendary game -snake. Presumably, the development team is interested in stimulating nostalgic and rewarding experiences.

The idea is not just to provide a gaming opportunity for its users. It is to create fun, reviving childhood experiences among gamers. This feature is timely as many people gradually forget their childhood in this ever-busy era.


  • Decent Popularity

Moshnake is prominent in the Game-Fi economy. It will gain widespread acceptance among game lovers. The ecosystem is honed with endless gaming activities already relevant in the crypto industry.

  • Flexibility

The ecosystem is very flexible, unlike many “play–to–earn” NFT games. For instance, a user may choose to play alone. He may decide to play with friends or even with a team.

  • Eco-friendliness

The project will adopt the legendary Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus mechanism BNB Smart Chain hosts.

Naturally, POS is an eco-friendly mechanism because it promotes low power consumption. Moshnake, through this adoption, will support the global greenhouse agitation for the realization of a clean and habitable universe.

  • Affordability and Efficiency

Transactions in the Moshnake ecosystem will be super fast. Therefore, users will not have to waste time and assets. The pocket-friendly initiative of this project will promote efficiency and speed.


As the first cryptocurrency (launched in 2009), the popularity of Bitcoin can not be over-emphasized. At its inception, it staged genuine competition with traditional fiat currency.

There are many cryptocurrencies with fascinating features. Bitcoin has not taken advantage of these richly rewarding features. The Moshnake platform introduces a Play-to-earn gaming platform. It has become a thrilling pastime with captivating rewards.

Bitcoin has a reputation for slow transactions. Miners spend an average of 10 minutes adding a block, slowing down transactions. On the other hand, Moshnake offers speed and efficiency.

Also, Bitcoin requires high energy usage for operations. This issue is a vital worry for environmental activists. In contrast, Moshnake will address environmental concerns by adopting low energy consumption for its operations.


Like Moshnake, Solchicks is a Play-to-earn crypto gaming ecosystem on the Solana Blockchain. Similar to Moshnake, the game harps on the seek-and-earn model. Players maneuver chick-like characters for adventurous games.

In the end, participants receive tokens as a reward for their time and commitment. The adoption of a chick as its character seems to awaken childhood nostalgia. Moshnake rides on this social feat too.

Speed and efficiency are the main characteristics of Solana. Solana blockchain transactions take an average of 400 milliseconds to complete. Solana’s superfast transactions will guarantee a thrilling gaming experience on Solchicks, as they are on Moshnake.

How To Purchase Moshnake Tokens

Since the Moshnake tokens are not yet available on popular crypto exchanges, interested parties can prepare to buy the token presale. The Moshnake presale will have 120 million MSH tokens for grabs by interested parties. Purchasing Moshnake tokens is easy if you follow the steps below:

  • Initiate a Trust Wallet and visit the website via
  • Load your wallet (preferably Trustwallet) with ETH, BNB, USDT, or your card.
  • Click on “Connect Wallet” to grant access to the deposited token.
  • Approve the “BUY” transaction from your wallet to complete the purchase.
  • The website will activate the “claim” button after the presale concludes for you to claim your purchased tokens.

The Last Say

Moshnake will reward game lovers in its ecosystem for their valuable time and commitment. It is an enabling platform for gaming refreshment and wealth acquisition.