The cryptocurrency market is presently high-spirited following the completion of the ethereum merge. It is logical to believe that the market has earned some strength and will mostly be optimistic about new developments and projects. Moshnake(MSH) is a new blockchain gaming project on the BNB Smart Chain with immense potential to perform for early investors.

Aside from the fact that good market sentiments help new projects perform well, Moshnake(MSH) is exceptional in its offering and could be a huge presale success. Presale success is usually recorded by how much of the project’s target it was able to meet on the presale, but the investors will record success based on how much profit they can make off it.

Nonetheless, presales are a great way for people to make profits since the project will be offering its token at below market price, so if you intend to sell just after launch, you’d have some decent guaranteed gains you can walk away with. Also, we have seen cases like Filecoin where the presale was a huge success for the project, and the investors went to make so much money.


Filecoin(FIL) is a decentralized file sharing and storage network that aims to solve the issues with the cloud storage sector. It aims to deliver the market from centralized bodies like Amazon Web Services, which have the market share to skew terms and increase fees if they decide to because there are not many good alternatives.

Filecoin operates like Dropbox, and the way it works is users have to bid on available storage supplied by miners with disk space. Filecoin is one of those uses of blockchain outside of finance. It further strengthens the narrative that blockchain technology can power every aspect of our lives better than the legacy technologies we use.

Filecoin has the record of the most successful presale ever seen in the cryptocurrency market. The project raised $52 million from its presale, while the presale price quickly rose from $1 to $5 as investors rushed to buy. The token had a massive run-up to $236 in April 2021. Today, the token is down by a lot and is probably a bad investment for people who invested later, but presale buyers are still in profit, enjoying the perks of being early.


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Moshnake is a community-governed play-to-earn game on the BNB smart chain. The blockchain is an adaptation of the classic snake game from Nokia phones, and it hopes to revive the ultimate gaming experience with some of the extra features it has added. The snake game is quite easy for anyone to play, and it will be easily adopted by generations who don’t know the snake games from Nokia phones.

The game takes a battle royale arena style where players hunt for NFT and other in-game assets that can be traded for real money in the game’s marketplace. Some game modes allow players to consume each other and take their earned assets. The blockchain gaming industry has grown greatly in the past year with efforts from emerging projects and funding. Moshnake(MSH) can help further because it would introduce the game to a demographic of people who already know the game and now know they can make money off it with all the improved features.

It will be a breakthrough launch for blockchain gaming and show outside investors the opportunities available in the blockchain space. The presale has already raised over $4 million, over 80% of its presale target. You could miss out on the MSH presale if you don’t join now.


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