Sport fans betting online by smartphone app during match, celebrating goal

Since billions of people use smartphones daily, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many businesses have decided to focus on their mobile clients. Some companies completely shifted towards mobile users, whereas others also provide desktop sites and even retail stores.

Gambling is one of the industries that fall into the second category. Even though there are not that many land-based betting shops left, betting companies in some countries continue to offer those things to their customers. Some people prefer land-based betting because they don’t need to deal with the potential problems of using an app.

Speaking of problems, most prominent iGaming operators optimized everything so that mobile clients have no problems. Unfortunately, there are certain issues that even brands like Melbet can’t take care of, so let’s go over a few of the things users might run into.

The inability to install an apk file

One of the first things you have to check if you want to bet online and use Android is your phone’s ability to install apk files. Due to the fact that Silentbet claims that the Melbet app has many advantages, users often choose this as their go-to operator. Even though this brand offers an impressive range of markets and good options, users with Android devices will have to get an apk file if they want to use the app.

Downloading and installing the apk file is not complicated, even for someone with no experience. However, some smartphones may not allow their users to do that. While it is true that people can open their phone’s settings and enable the “install from unknown sources” setting, certain versions of Android may not allow people to make changes.

Connection problems

Even though people may have problems with the apk file, Melbet also offers a mobile website that gamblers can use on their handheld devices. This site does not require you to install any special files, and there is no need to use a specific mobile browser.

With that being said, the apps and the mobile site share a lot of things in common, one of which is the fact that they need a fast internet connection. Most online bettors shouldn’t have problems because the internet is way better now than a few years ago. Sadly, there are many exceptions, especially in some parts of the world.

Having problems with your connection while betting online can have devastating consequences on your finance. Since many people use Melbet’s world-class live betting platform, those who have connection issues won’t be able to place a bet in real-time. What’s more, they may also lose the opportunity to use Cash Out or watch the games in real-time.

In addition to the potential connection problems, users also have to consider their available 4G and 5G network. The review about the Melbet mobile app from Silentbet shows that this company offers amazing graphics, which is a huge plus. However, this may cause problems for those who don’t use unlimited data plans.

You may need to update your device’s OS

Like any other betting application, the product offered by Melbet requires online bettors to have a specific mobile OS version. Since the app is only available on Android and iOS, we will focus on these operating systems. Needless to say, people who use Symbian or something else can utilize Melbet’s mobile site. They can even use their browser’s setting to create a web app.

Android and iOS users usually try to have the latest version of the specific operating systems because this allows them to use the latest features. Punters with newer devices don’t have any problems, but those with an older iPhone or a Samsung/Huawei smartphone may have problems if they decide to update their OS.

Over the years, there have been many cases where people who update their phone to the latest firmware have issues, such as lags, app crashing, and more. Hence, some users prefer to use an older version of iOS and Android. The bad news is that this older version may not allow them to run Melbet’s app.

According to the information provided by Silentbet in the review of Melbet, this company requires Android 4.1 or above and iOS 9 or later. This means that most devices that are 4 or even 5 years old should be able to download and install it.

There are cases where you may run out of storage space

Many people compare Melbet’s mobile app to its website and come ot the conclusion that they offer the same things. However, gamblers often prefer the application because they think it provides them with a better overall experience.

This may be true up to a point, but having the app on your device means you need to have enough storage space. This is where it gets tricky because some people use devices that do not allow them to add things like microSD cards. Hence, they are stuck with the storage space their device comes with.

While it is true that most modern phones have at least 64 GBs of storage space, users with older devices have significantly less. Needless to say, they often don’t have enough storage space for online betting, which means that even if they install Melbet’s app, they won’t be able to utilize the new updates once they become available.

The fact that Melbet’s application is not big is a plus because you will be able to get it. However, this is one of the world’s leading online betting operators, which means it will try to offer new updates that include features, promos, and even additional sections. Some of these updates won’t be big, but we won’t be surprised if there are exceptions.

Final Thoughts

Melbet is one of the leading gambling operators in the world, so it is not surprising that mobile apps are on another level. After using your login details, you will have access to an amazing gambling experience wherever you go. The app is optimized, offers amazing graphics, and is easy to use. Consequently, you do not need to have any previous experience to put it to the test.