Some gambling sites have way more fans than others because they provide users with loads of great options. So, once you check what are the allowed countries and follow the steps that will allow you to sign up, you will see why this brand is the preferred operator for the majority of sports bettors and casino fans.

Stake is one of the top-tier sites for cryptocurrency gambling. What’s more, it is also the official betting sponsor of things like the UFC. Another thing that differentiates Stake from its alternatives is that it sponsors some of the biggest superstars in the world. In addition to the hip-hop icon Drake, the company has a vital role in Everton and helps many individual sports stars, such as Israel Adesanya.

All of those things have an effect on Stake’s popularity in some countries, so here is what you should do to check if the operator is available there.

Try accessing the site without using any additional tools

Unsurprisingly, the first thing you should check whether Stake is available in your country is to access the website without using any additional tool. In other words, open the site on your desktop or mobile device and check whether you can access its services.

It is worth mentioning that users in some countries may only have access to one of the two website versions. Furthermore, there might be some differences in the available options, depending on your jurisdiction. For example, punters in the U.S. can access a fully-fledged online casino, but they won’t be able to experience Stake’s sportsbook.

Go through Stake’s T&C to check the list of available countries

Aside from accessing the Stake’s mobile or desktop platform, you can also review the company’s Terms and Conditions. This will allow you to learn about the rules you have to be aware of. Furthermore, you can check the countries where Stake is available and those where you won’t be able to access the site.

One of the important things users need to know about Stake before they start betting is that the site uses a permit from an internationally-recognized gambling authority with a lot of experience.. However, it does not have a license from multiple countries, which is the big reason why the site is not available in some places.

There are several places where you won’t be able to test Stake’s services, such as Iraq, Serbia, Latvia, Peru, Iran, and more.

Use a VPN from your country

One of the easiest ways to bypass the regulations related to online gambling in your country is to use a mirror link or a VPN. Since Stake is not one of the sites that have a lot of mirror links, you will have to use a VPN.

However, some users do not want to use a VPN and “go” to another country because their connection won’t be that fast. If you are among them, simply open the VPN and choose a different IP from your country of residence. Besides checking whether the site is accessible, you can also hide your real IP, which means you will be safe.

Potential problems you need to know before accessing Stake

Players who reside in countries where they won’t have access to this iGaming operator will most likely try to use a VPN to access it. Even though this may be illegal, they are willing to take the risk because Stake is a cryptocurrency betting site. Hence, their winnings should be really hard to trace.

With that said, Stake is a legal betting site, which means it will want its users to complete the KYC process at some point in the future. Although you shouldn’t have problems even if you’re using the site from a location where it is unavailable, this may not be the case. That’s why it is advisable to access the customer support team and ask these kinds of questions before making a deposit.

If it turns out that you don’t have permission to use the site, Stake will probably block your account. Sadly, you won’t be able to get a refund for your deposits, so keep that in mind.