How to Get Followers on LinkedIn Company Page?

As the leading professional social networking platform, having a reputable presence on LinkedIn – for companies and individuals – is essential, so it’s no wonder you’re looking at how you can get followers on the LinkedIn company page.

There are numerous benefits to having a large following on LinkedIn.

For one, more followers give your business credibility and influence, enhancing your LinkedIn marketing strategy and making it more impressive to job seekers and customers of B2B and B2C businesses, and should be the primary focus of B2B marketers.

Getting more followers on LinkedIn also gives your business greater reach, so you can alert a bigger audience to vital insights about your product, company, or industry, so your thought leadership in your niche reaches your connections.

More followers – and greater engagement – also encourages the LinkedIn algorithm to show your content and your LinkedIn company page to even more potential connections.

By getting more followers on your company’s LinkedIn account, you can gain access to these benefits and more.

9 Professional Ways to Get Followers on LinkedIn Company Page

There are a number of tactics you can employ to increase your LinkedIn company page followers by appealing to your network, engaging with your audience, and using a range of promotional strategies.

1) Customize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Customizing your company’s LinkedIn page allows visitors to get an idea of your business’s personality, including the niche/industry it inhabits, the kind of products it sells, and the values it has, and it makes your business easier to find on the platform.

From here, visitors to your company’s LinkedIn page can figure out if they want to follow your company and keep track of what it gets up to.

With this in mind, create a memorable, relevant URL, a bio that expresses your brand personality, and make sure to provide complete information about what your business does – and has done in the past, just as you would on your personal LinkedIn profile.

Ensure to include keywords for your industry to make your LinkedIn company page more visible in the LinkedIn search results to drive traffic to your page.

2) Post Engaging Video Content

Video is a powerful tool to connect with your audience – a.k.a. visitors to your LinkedIn company page – and lets them see the personality behind your brand.

By producing engaging video content with eye-catching visuals, conveying useful info about your products, or sharing insight into your industry, you’ll get noticed by visitors who find value in your content and who follow your LinkedIn company page to see more.

3) Post Content Consistently

Post Content Consistently

Consistently publishing engaging content on your LinkedIn company page is essential to maximize your follower count. We recommend posting content at least twice a week.

Not only does each piece of content that pops up on your current followers’ feed keep them engaged with your brand, but it can end up on the search results page, where it can be seen by new potential followers.

Moreover, when you regularly post content, the LinkedIn algorithm increases the visibility of your LinkedIn company page, putting it in front of the eyes of new followers.

4) Publish Content on LinkedIn Trending Topics

When a topic is trending on LinkedIn, users of the platform flock to read more about what’s happening and to view related content.

So, by posting content about topics that are trending on LinkedIn, you’ll attract more eyes than usual to your content – and each new visitor to your page could become a new potential follower.

5) Respond to Hashtags You Follow

On LinkedIn, it’s vital to have your say on the topics most relevant to your industry and niche – and you can do this by proactively responding to conversations that include your followed hashtags.

By getting involved in the conversation, you make your company page more discoverable, and you can establish your company as a thought leader and entice those who see your content to check out and follow your LinkedIn company page.

6) Include the ‘Follow’ Button on Your Website

By choosing to add a linked follow button on your website, you allow your website visitors to instantly follow your LinkedIn company page from your site.

This allows you to make the most of your organic site traffic. What’s more, the people clicking through from your website to your LinkedIn company page are highly likely to become your followers since they’re already interested in your business.

7) Ask Your Employees to Follow You

An easy way to boost your follower count on LinkedIn is to make use of your current network – including your team members and colleagues.

In addition to friends and family, it’s standard practice to ask your employees to engage with your page. This will make your brand more visible to their connections, too, which can help you to get more followers on your LinkedIn company page.

8) Promote Your Profile via Email Signature

Promote Your Profile via Email Signature

A great source of lead generation for your LinkedIn company page is your email contacts. After all, your mailing list is comprised of people who are interested enough in your business to have shared their email.

Adding a link to your LinkedIn URL within your email signature allows those on your mailing list to easily click through and follow your LinkedIn company page, rather than having to go looking for it themselves on the LinkedIn platform (which they’re a lot less likely to do).

9) Purchase LinkedIn Followers

Purchasing is the quickest, most affordable paid method to increase your follower count – without having to direct tons of time and capital into a complex LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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To increase your credibility and influence on the world’s most important professional social networking platform, it’s essential to get more followers on your LinkedIn company page to build faith in your brand.

With this in mind, in addition to employing the other tactics on this list, purchasing LinkedIn followers is the greatest investment you can make to boost the success, reach, and credibility of your LinkedIn company page – and, by extension, your business.


Getting followers on your LinkedIn company page is crucial for building brand awareness and attracting potential clients or customers. Following the tips outlined in this article, you can effectively grow your follower base and increase engagement on your page. With consistent effort and a strategic approach, you can effectively use LinkedIn to grow your business and reach your target audience.