Hourly workers are the backbone of many of the industries we count on every day, including our food industry. So taking care of them is the solution to high turnover rate. Clockedin is a network platform with a worker-first mentality, providing the hourly worker a path toward freedom and flexibility.

Essentially, they’ll get a map view of all the job opportunities available near their location.

This way they can get started with their job search with convenience in mind. But the Clockedin app goes beyond merely showing you opportunities in your area. They are also working to increase the speed of communication between job applicants and potential employers. The app provides interview time requests along with applicant submissions. You can start chatting about possibilities right through the app’s messaging portal. Book interviews right then and there and meet with a hiring manager as soon as the next day. On the business side of things, the manager will get instant app notifications so they can stay on top of the hiring process and schedule interviews accordingly.

Clockedin is changing the way the world works. To get started today, download the Clockedin app in the Google Play or App Store. Or for more information, visit Clockedin.com.