TMS Network (TMSN) is charging through its fourth presale phase with an energy that’s hard to ignore. With every stride, TMS Network (TMSN) is rewriting the rules of decentralized trading, casting a long shadow over well-established players such as Optimism (OP) and BNB (BNB). 

Let’s journey through TMS Network’s (TMSN) remarkable growth trajectory and the ripple effects it could have on competitors like Optimism (OP) and BNB (BNB). 

Optimism (OP) Faces Potential Price Plunge as Tokens Enter Market

Optimism (OP), a significant Ethereum scaling protocol, is on shaky ground as it faces a significant token unlock. A staggering 386 million Optimism (OP) tokens, valued at over $587 million, are due for release into the market, which could drastically impact the price of Optimism (OP).

The Optimism (OP) tokens, currently held by early contributors and investors, are set to be “unlocked,” allowing holders to sell or swap them at will. This could double the circulating supply of Optimism (OP), currently at 335 million tokens.

The prospect of an unlock often brings uncertainty. The Optimism (OP) token holders, who are likely sitting on substantial gains, may opt to take profits. This could create immense selling pressure. In fact, a single sell order of $600,000 could drop Optimism (OP) prices 2% further.

This unlock comes as Optimism (OP) has been in a general downturn since February, sliding from $3 to $1.5. The days ahead for Optimism (OP) appear uncertain as it navigates this critical juncture.

BNB (BNB): Teetering Between Bulls and Bears Amid Current Market Conditions

BNB (BNB), the native coin of Binance Exchange and the cornerstone of the Binance Smart Chain, finds itself in a peculiar spot. In recent days, BNB (BNB) has seen a minor dip of almost 1%, taking it to the support level of $310.9. The market is watching closely to see if buyers can rally or if the price of BNB (BNB) will decline slightly further, hovering in the $309–$310 zone.

BNB (BNB) seems to be gathering strength on a broader scale. The critical figure here is the $315 mark. If the price of BNB (BNB) can close near this point without long wicks, the market could anticipate a surge to $320.

However, BNB’s (BNB) current performance against Bitcoin (BTC) and its low trading volume suggests continued sideways trading. This hints at potential consolidation for BNB (BNB) in the $0.011-0.0115 range until mid-June. As of now, BNB (BNB) is trading at $312. The balance hangs delicately for BNB (BNB), with the market eagerly awaiting its next move.

TMS Network’s (TMSN) Price Surge and Versatile Trading

TMS Network (TMSN) is making a name for itself in the decentralized trading sector. Currently in its fourth presale, TMS Network (TMSN) is attracting interest from all corners. Audits by Solidproof and Coinsult have bolstered trust in TMS Network (TMSN) by ensuring its security and reliability.

What’s drawing traders to TMS Network (TMSN)? It’s the broad range of assets it supports, including Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. Plus, TMS Network (TMSN) token holders enjoy a wealth of benefits, such as voting rights, access to advanced trading tools, and a share in trading revenue.

Currently, TMS Network (TMSN) tokens are priced at $0.097 each. But experts predict a further 1000% surge by Q4 2023. All signs point to TMS Network (TMSN) being a savvy investment set to skyrocket in value in the near future.


TMS Network (TMSN) continues to expand even as Optimism (OP) deals with price uncertainty, and BNB (BNB) remains undecided. With a current price of $0.097, a big jump in value is expected for TMS Network (TMSN) soon.