A recent post from BitMart on X indicated that KangaMoon, a new innovative player in the meme coin space, will be listed soon and enthusiasts speculate that the token could skyrocket to $1 after its debut. Amid this anticipation, the market caps of both Tezos and JasmyCoin are both nearing the $1 billion mark gradually and this significant mark could be hit soon as both tokens record more daily increases in market cap. Let us find out more.

Tezos Market Cap Increases Moderately

Due to its strong security and decentralized governance, the Tezos market cap continues to rise and is currently a little above $902 million, even after a recent decline in Tezos price, having dropped by over 7% within the past 30 days. A recent collaboration between Magic and the blockchain platform will improve the web3 application user experience by streamlining the employment procedure for decentralized applications. 

Through this partnership, the Tezos blockchain and Magic’s wallet solutions will be more seamlessly integrated, possibly leading to a rise in the NFT market’s use of the platform. Meanwhile, the Tezos price is currently ranging between $0.85 and $0.97.

JasmyCoin Market Cap Is Short From A Billion With Less Than $15 Million

With the JasmyCoin market cap approaching $987 million and JasmyCoin price hovering around $0.02, JasmyCoin (JASMY), which combines blockchain and Internet of Things technology to give users data sovereignty, is presently showing signs of encouraging growth. 

Because the JasmyCoin price follows general market trends, the altcoin stands to gain from any improvements in sentiment within the market. If the cryptocurrency market finds its optimistic impetus again, this cryptocurrency is expected to draw more investment, potentially crossing the $1 billion mark in market capitalization.

KangaMoon (KANG) Is Among The Top Meme Coins To Invest In

KangaMoon (KANG) is redefining the meme coin space and changing the mainstream perception of memecoins by emphasizing creativity and usefulness. In the future play-to-earn (P2E) game, KANG will be utilized as in-game currency, whereas regular memecoins are without any use cases.

Engaging in thrilling activities such as competing with other players, observing matches, and even guessing on the result with the meme coin KANG are all available to gamers. This results in a vibrant, thrilling, and socially connected gaming experience. KANG holders are eligible to participate in weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges in addition to other special benefits.

KangaMoon is now selling tokens in the bonus stage of its presale for $0.025 a piece, 400% more than its first offering of $0.005. Interestingly, the BitMart exchange has recently announced that KANG will be listed soon. While promoting KangaMoon on social media and buying tokens during the presale are two ways enthusiasts can boost their chances of winning KANG tokens.

KangaMoon Small Market Cap Provides Advantage Over Tezos and JasmyCoin

Because of KangaMoon’s still-small market capitalization, pumping the token’s price would be less expensive. Therefore, KANG, one of the top meme coins to invest in, has an edge over Tezos and JasmyCoin for the same reason.

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