Netflix Releases New DVD App

By: Nick Gambino Netflix is mainly known for their streaming platform and the plethora of movies, TV shows and comedy specials that you can access and watch with the simple tap of...

What Should You Know About Torrenting?

There is probably no person who has never downloaded a file from the Internet. We are used to downloading files directly from a server. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to...

Delfast – Your Designated e-Bike | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update In the last ten to fifteen years, we’ve seen a massive increase in the purchases and usage of electric bicycles. But most of them are limited in the distance they...

Arafinn – Adventurous, First-Person VR Fantasy Game | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We’ve covered plenty of games here on NewsWatch but now it’s time to highlight a title that’s embracing the future of immersive gaming. Return to Nangrim   is the first VR...

Carepoynt – The World’s First Health-Related Reward Program | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that healthcare is complicated and expensive. In comparison to other countries, the U.S. healthcare system is more costly, chaotic, and uncoordinated than...
GO CLIPvideo

GO CLIP – Helping Your Earbud Cords Stay Intact | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report When you want to use your headphones there’s nothing worse than finding the cords all tangled up. I mean, all you want to do is to take them out and...

EngageMore – Assisting Gyms in Engaging More Effectively with Members | NewsWatch

Tech Report It’s estimated that about 36% of people want to lose weight while there are countless others who just want to be healthier. Meanwhile, 58 million Americans spend $21 billion a...

TwistWrist – Remain Hands-Free with Just a Twist | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update How is it that something that’s supposed to make our life easier makes it harder? Holding your phone while trying to do...well pretty much anything is a hassle. And the...
World of Tanksvideo

World of Tanks Blitz – Hone Your Tactical Tank Skills | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Do you want something more than just the easy casual mobile game? Well then check out a game where you get to blow stuff up in metal on metal action. World...

4 Great iOS Apps Made Using Apple’s ARKit

With iOS 11 recently released, a lot of excellent new apps, and updates to old apps have been made available. The standard app packs have been enhanced, using the new format...
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