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  By: Nick Gambino The trailer for Logan, the latest and final Wolverine project for Hugh Jackman, has dropped and MY GOD does it look good! There are plenty of words that come to mind when watching the trailer: ugly, gritty,...
The Star Wars fandom is like a family to many. Star Wars are the movies that many of us grew up watching, and thus have great memories attached. As with any fandom, the feelings of intense joy and commitment...
By: Nick Gambino If you turned on your Xfinity X1 set-top-box this morning and saw a little message notifying you that you can now use Netflix, it’s not a “hoax”, you’re not the only one. It seems a beta app...

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As another step towards film media domination Netflix has just signed a deal with iPic Entertainment to release Netflix original films on the big screen The Wall Street Journal has reported. The theater chain will...

When you hear Denzel Washington is starring in a new film, fans can do nothing but cross their fingers and hope it’ll be as bad ass as Man on Fire, or that it’ll evoke...

Entertainment By Nick Gambino Gene Wilder was one of those performers who people would refer to as “one of a kind” and it wasn’t a cliché. This is so much the case that nobody else has...

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