Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Capitalise – Understanding the Natural Human Language of All Traders | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Trading sounds to be an easy game. You’ll win and you’ll lose, but if you stick to your guns and use statistical analysis, you’ll come out on top. But the...

TAAS by RSupport – Instantly Create Test Scripts | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report For those who’ve ever developed a mobile app, you’re probably aware of just much effort goes into testing it. A company that’s taking over and reinventing the way apps are tested...

FreightPrint – Load Visibility and Document Management System | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report A freight shipping company’s success lies in their organization. The more disorganized they are, the more mistakes that occur. And from the customer’s perspective, one thing that goes a long...

SmokeD – Detecting Smoke or Flames by Analyzing Images | NewsWatch Review

Consumer/Biz Report While smoke detectors are vital, they only go off when smoke is detected inside. What do you do if fire, say from a brushfire, is closing in on your home...
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Advisor Websites – Making it Easy to Maintain a Quality Website | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report In this day and age when everyone has a smartphone or computer, most companies are made or broken by the quality of their website. Especially those companies that specialize in...

Social Media Link – Creating Next-Gen Marketing Technology | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Building direct relationships with consumers is a vital cornerstone to a company’s success. Unfortunately, brands tend to rely on third-party channels like Facebook to foster these relationships. With constantly changing algorithms and...

RushHive – Mutual Digital Meeting Ground for Customers and Businesses | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report It's usually never a fun time making a call to customer support – at times, it can even be a nightmare. Whether you’re the customer on hold for an hour...

Wintelligen – AI-Driven Travel Management Virtual Assistant | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Do you travel frequently for work? If so, you understand the headache that can come with managing trips, booking flights, and organizing expenses while simultaneously ensuring an ROI. Luckily, Wintelligen has...

Brainjocks – Content Management System Platform for Companies | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report We recently sat down with Brian Beckham, President, and CEO of Brainjocks. This is a company on the move. We attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new U.S. headquarters...

SkyFlok – The Next Generation of Cloud Storage | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Cloud services allow us to work anywhere in the world by offering a single location for document storage and sharing. But it’s hard to find one cloud service that gives...
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Android Messages Lets You Send Text Messages from Your PC

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