GoFormz – Helping Your Business Go From Paper to Digital | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Relying on paper forms in this digital world is silly –– they are time-consuming, riddled with errors and are just an outdated way of running your business. Well don’t worry,...

Geowiz PRO – Helping Dispatchers Run a Fleet Effectively and Efficiently | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report There are rules and regulations in place to keep truck drivers on the road and safe. In order to stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA,...
Lease 4000video

Lease4000 – Exceptional Lease Management Solutions | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Fixed asset management can be a real headache… only manageable with the correct software. Luckily, we have just the thing. Real Asset Management’s fixed asset software helps organizations track and report...

Prezi Presentations – A Visually Captivating Presentation Platform | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Your message is all in how you present it. Or is it? Researchers at Harvard University wanted to know whether your choice of presentation medium affects the overall impact of...

The biggest dangers of downloading/uploading torrent files without a VPN or proxy

It’s common knowledge that torrents are by far the most effective and fastest way to download content from the internet. The files downloaded are basically maintained by various users who share,...

Caret – Turn Your Address Book into a Social Media Platform | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Whenever we text or call someone, we never really know if they're available or not. But what if we could find out peoples’ statuses and share our own in real-time? That’s where...
Satie Systemsvideo

Satie Systems – Custom Framing for Electrical Panels | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report You might not realize it but your office or apartment building follows a set of standards that nearly every building needs to meet. One of those standards is having an...

BardCanvas – An Optimized and Open Source Content Management System | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Content Management Systems like WordPress are a great way to create and host websites, blogs, and other forums. But often you need an ungodly amount of RAM in your server...

EBizCharge – Securely Automate Payments to Invoices | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Your accounting process may be more difficult than it needs to be. If you manually accept credit card payments, then you probably have to deal with security risks, double data...

eX-RentalTracker – A Better Way to Manage & Track Your Equipment Rental Inventory

Biz Report If you’re in the business of renting out equipment then you’re probably well versed in the headaches that accompany such an operation. Well, good news - we’ve searched for and...
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YouTube to Start Selling Tickets for Ticketmaster

By: Nick Gambino In an effort to foster a relationship between musical artists and their fans, YouTube is partnering up with Ticketmaster to sell tickets...

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