BackHook Massager – Unique Back Massager| CES 2015 Product Review

CES 2015 Product Review

Unique in its design and shape, the Back Hook Massager has 9 knobs that can reach any point on your entire body. The knobs allow you to dig deep in a controlled motion. Just hold onto one of the handles, find the spot you want to massage and move it around, pulling –  not pushing.

It’s recommended by Physical Therapists to treat sore muscles and aches and pains throughout your body. It’s made out of a strong plastic, so it’s very lightweight. It’s also easy to transport in its nylon storage bag. The massager sells for just $29.97.

If you’re sore just sitting in a chair watching this, have knots in your back and shoulders, or just need something to relax your muscles that doesn’t break the bank, head on over to amazon and type in “Nayoya Back Hook Massager” and get yours today.

For more information, Search “Nayoya Back Hook Massager”