In Case Of – Prepare for the Supernatural | CES 2015 Product Review

CES 2015 Product Review

Do you know what you’re going to do if the Zombie Apocalypse strikes or when you encounter a vampire? Well the guys over at In Case Of have got you covered. They’ve hand crafted cabinets for four scenarios that are inevitably going to occur. They’ve got you prepared to handle Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons.

The Zombie cabinet comes with a 12 gauge short barrel shotgun, with accompanying shells, a hunting knife, a hand grenade, and a zombie outbreak field handbook. None of these are operational. Let us clarify that before we go on. They are only for display and a really good conversational piece.

Next the vampire cabinet comes with the tools to slay vamps: vampire stakes, heavy duty hammer,  large metal cross, holy water, garlic and a vampire survival guide. Now these are of limited edition and come with serial number and a certificate of authenticity, so they are definitely collectibles. Each cabinet is crafted, painted and finished by hand so you know they’re quality.

The price is $188 after 25 % discount per cabinet. Head on over to today to order your survival case.