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helio – Helping Kids Learn While Having Fun | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Parents know how difficult it can be to get their kids to study at home. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that kids don’t mind studying when they’re...
Lease 4000video

Lease4000 – Exceptional Lease Management Solutions | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Fixed asset management can be a real headache… only manageable with the correct software. Luckily, we have just the thing. Real Asset Management’s fixed asset software helps organizations track and report...

Nurie – The Go-To App for Digital Coloring | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Coloring books are great for kids but they’ve also proven therapeutic and beneficial for adults. In the digital age, we’re not confined to physical books. And instead of carrying around a...
Sam Hubbard Shoesvideo

Samuel Hubbard Shoes – Handmade, Durable & High-Quality Shoes | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update With a shoe-making tradition that dates back over 85 years, the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company delivers incredible footwear. Founded by Bruce Katz, Samuel Hubbard is known for their attention to detail...

TwistWrist – Remain Hands-Free with Just a Twist | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update How is it that something that’s supposed to make our life easier makes it harder? Holding your phone while trying to do...well pretty much anything is a hassle. And the...
World of Tanksvideo

World of Tanks Blitz – Hone Your Tactical Tank Skills | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Do you want something more than just the easy casual mobile game? Well then check out a game where you get to blow stuff up in metal on metal action. World...
First Alertvideo

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Maximum CO Protection for Your Home | NewsWatch...

Consumer Update Known as the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide, also called CO, is one of the leading causes of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States., A colorless and odorless gas, CO...

SpareHire – Hire Business Consultants on Demand | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Does your company have a project coming up that requires an extra set of hands or expertise you don’t have in the house?  What if you need to start staffing...

SnoreCoach – Quit Your Snoring and Sleep in Silence | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Sleep is a vital component to your overall health and general wellbeing. But it’s tough getting a good night’s sleep when you snore, or worse if your partner snores. Well, that...
Positive Vibesvideo

Positive Vibes – A Variety of High Fidelity Sound Headphones| NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Every now and then we come across headphones that exude quality and are so good that we just have to share them with you. Positive Vibes is a female-owned company with...
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