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Solar Buddiesvideo

Solar Buddies – Refillable Sunscreen Applicator for Adults and Kids | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update With the sun in full force this summer, it’s important that we are nice and generous with sunscreen, especially with kids. There’s no need to suffer from a nasty sunburn...
Sock Pandavideo

Sock Panda – Subscribe to Get and Donate Socks | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Socks have come a long way since the boring days when they were mostly white or black. Sock Panda was launched back in 2011 with the vision that socks could be...

Myetin – Improving Cellular Health from the Inside Out | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Our bodies are machines. When taken care of and given the proper nutrition, they can overcome serious illnesses and injuries. It is this core concept that Avior Nutritionals was founded upon. They...

Ronin 2 by DJI | NewsWatch Review

We took to the streets of D.C. to try out the new Ronin 2 by DJI  for ourselves and captured some moves by dancer, Alena Smith. The DJI Ronin 2 assists filmmakers...
Gravity Supply Chainvideo

Gravity Supply Chain – Next Generation of Supply Chain Management Software | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update With internet-savvy consumers shopping in multiple online and offline channels, brand loyalty is taking a backseat to good experience. Retailers need a solution that allows them to see every order as...
Third Realityvideo

Third Reality – Automate Your Home with One Simple Device | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We all know how popular smart home technology is. But what if you don’t want to go through all the complicated electrical work? That’s where Third Reality comes in with...

SleepBliss – Non-invasive Sleep Aid Mat So You Can Finally Sleep | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Having a tough time getting a good night’s rest? Maybe you’ve got a case of endless tossing and turning. Let’s do something about that, huh? Studies found that people who suffer...
Dam Easy Flood Barriersvideo

Dam Easy Flood Barriers – Making it Easy to Protect Your Home from Floods...

Consumer Update Every month we hear about another US city experiencing damaging rainfall and flooding. In 2017 alone, 14,000 people per day experienced water damage at home or work. That accounts for...
Peelaway Labsvideo

Peelaway Labs – Bed Sheets Your Never Have to Wash | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’re like most people, you hate changing the sheets and doing the laundry. But sleeping on them night after night leaves them incredibly dirty, so we really have no...

Zeus Exchange – Merging Traditional Investments with the Power of Blockchain | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The purpose of blockchain technology is to make transactions fully transparent and to edge out the intermediaries on either end of the transactions. Zeus Exchange has a vision where they merge...
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