Thursday, June 21, 2018
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POWERDECAL – LED Back-Lit Logos for Car Windows | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Sometimes you see one or two, sometimes you see the entire bumper covered in them. Bumper stickers and decals have always been the small, yet noticeable way to announce your...

BLOXVOX – Keeping Your Private Conversations Private | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Nowadays, the need for privacy can be more a hassle than it ever was before. Whether it's being on the phone in public places such as the office or the...

Swift Bed – Build Your Own Incredible Sleep System | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Moving is tough, especially when you live in a tiny apartment with lots of stairs or a home with narrow doorframes. Well, the time has come for beds and furniture...

5 Components of Every Great Scholarship Essay

Have you ever written a scholarship essay? Do you know how to write one? In fact, it is not hard to compose it. What is really hard is to compose a...
travel abroad

Cutting the Cost of Your Flights Abroad

The internet has become the tool of choice for all sorts of things these days, from doing the weekly shopping through to running a criminal records search, finding a new job,...
Stealth Hitchesvideo

Stealth Hitches – Discreetly Designed Hitch to Haul Any Vehicle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update You don’t need to sacrifice the elegance of your car to carry your active lifestyle. When you drive to your next big adventure, tow in style. Stealth Hitches are truly...

Paww – Headphones That Get You Lost in Your Own World | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Headphones are something you don't want to be short on quality. You want to make sure that they're comfortable, are noise canceling, and affordable, right? Well, Paww offers unique headphones that...

PrivacyShield – Sound Blocking for Your Smart Speaker | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update In the past, we protected our home’s privacy with blinds and door locks. But with the rise of smart home devices, especially smart speakers that can listen to our conversations...

SmokeD – Detecting Smoke or Flames by Analyzing Images | NewsWatch Review

Consumer/Biz Report While smoke detectors are vital, they only go off when smoke is detected inside. What do you do if fire, say from a brushfire, is closing in on your home...

TeeShirtPalace – Represent Your Favorite Movie, Show, Game, or Band | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you ever see someone walking around with a shirt that says “This is what 50 and awesome looks like” or “I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe”...
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Android Messages Lets You Send Text Messages from Your PC

By: Nick Gambino Starting Monday, Android smartphone users can now send and receive text messages on their PCs. This is a feature that has been noticeably...

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