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outdoor camping gearvideo

Outdoor Gear Designed for Your Next Adventure – Woods

Consumer Update Camping gear, fishing tackle, windproof tents, outdoor gear – these are words that might seem foreign to the city folk who need cement beneath their feet and an Uber ride...

Optimum Nutrition with Game-Changing Ilixer

Consumer Update At this point we all know how important nutrition is to our well-being, both physically and mentally. A quick search online will show any number of diet plans, weight loss...
fun card gamevideo

Fun Card Game Perfect for the Whole Family – Kids Against Maturity

Consumer Update In the last few years we’ve seen a trend give way to a new breed of fun card games. These are adult card games like Cards Against Humanity, What Do...

The Best Lip Balm Protector – BALMSHOT

Consumer Update If I were to ask you what three items you’d take with you to a deserted island (as if you’d end up on one by choice) you’d probably say something...
best watches for menvideo

Best Watches for Men – Lilienthal Berlin

Consumer Update Have you ever noticed how a classy watch can elevate an outfit dramatically? And I’m not just talking about a tad notch up - the best watches for men or...
doggy bagvideo

Dog Waste – Clean Up After Your Pet with GoodWag

Consumer Update When it comes to pets, dogs are simply the best. There’s undoubtedly a small faction that would disagree (read: cat lovers), but I’m sure there’s hard science to back up...

iiRcade – Play Anything from Retro Games to the Latest Games on this Portable,...

Consumer Update There’s something so nostalgic about arcade games. We love playing them and have always wanted to own them at home. However, it’s been difficult to make this childhood dream come...
16 VITvideo

16VIT – Supplement Line Design by Gamers for Gamers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The gaming industry is booming, and while companies are focusing on the latest and greatest in controllers and gaming chairs and just about any accessory that can give you that...
pregnancy testvideo

iProven – Monitor Your Health with Professional Healthcare Devices | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Your own and your family’s health are some of the most precious things in life. iProven helps you to monitor your health by bringing professional healthcare devices to everyone’s home. Since its...

HULKEN – Spacious and Durable Bag for Hauling Heavy Items | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We’ve made great strides towards reducing the use of single-use plastics, especially with reusable bags. One company making a great replacement for the ordinary plastic bag is HULKEN. HULKEN is a super...
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