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Waves Glassesvideo

Waves Glasses – Continuously Protecting Your Eyes Indoors and Outdoors | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update There are a few ways we protect our eyes from the sun, like sunglasses, computer glasses, and hands-free devices. But what if we could have these items as one? That’s where...

Pelecoin – Low-Risk Cryptocurrency Platform | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’ve haven’t heard the loud rumbling being generated by the cryptocurrency wave, then there’s a good chance you’re living under a rock. While some are jumping on the freight train...
The Escape Teamvideo

Escape Team – Digital-Physical Escape Game Encouraging Collaboration and Interaction | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Rather than connecting us with each other, these days, mobile games tend to isolate us from our friends.…until now: If you love heart-pounding and mind-bending activities like escape rooms, then...
Nu Carevideo

Nu-Care – Wearable Heating Solution for Women on Their Cycle | NewsWatch

Consumer Update Ladies, when that time of the month rolls around, we know just how painful it can be. Menstrual cramps are no joke. While we’ve found different methods of coping throughout...

Bripe – Portable Coffee Brew Pipe | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Two friends with one vision came together to create a product that combines coffee with awesome adventures. This product in particular? Bripe. Bripe is an ultra-light, ultra-portable, coffee brew pipe. Essentially,...

ABAKA – Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Managing your short-term and long-term finances can be a daunting task.  While some of us speak the language, most of us are braving the financial world on our own. So, if...

Ecobee4 – Voice-Controlled Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report One of the most popular trends in technology over the past few years is Home automation. These days we can control different aspects of our home using our phones, watches,...

BBEdit – Whether it’s for Schoolwork, Software, or Everything in Between | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Did you know that loads of people do their writing in something other than Word, or Pages? Those who are in the know, work in editors, and then format in...

Safelumin LED Emergency Light Bulb – Keeping Your Space Safely Illuminated | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update When your power goes out, it’s likely that your first move is to find a candle or search for a flashlight.  And when the power goes out at night, it’s...
Convince Mevideo

Convince Me – How Persuasive is Your Personality? | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Imagine the things you could accomplish if you or the kids in your life just had better powers of persuasion. Of course, we’d hope you’d only use your powers for...
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Instagram Adds “Last Active” Feature to DMs

By: Nick Gambino Another day, another hindrance to social media stalking without the fear of being caught. Instagram just added a feature to their app...

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