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SDE Bespoke – Custom Creations Made From Hand-Selected Semi-Precious Stones | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Looking to give your home a luxurious upgrade in five minutes flat?  Stephen D. Evans offers a quality line of beautifully handcrafted knobs that instantly give your home a much-needed...

Spetacular Dog Vitamin Water – Electrolytes to Keep Your Dog Hydrated | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So you’re out for a run and you have enough electrolytes to keep you from getting dehydrated, but what about your dog? Sure, you can make sure your furry friend...

Mi Niña – Some of the Tastiest Tortilla Chips You’ll Find | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Have you ever found yourself munching on tortilla chips only to find you’ve polished off the whole bag in one sitting? But the problem is, most tortilla chips on the...

Couchmaster – Operate your PC or Console Straight from Your Couch | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Gamers typically fall into two categories – PC gamers or Console gamers. But what if you could blend the best of both worlds? Meaning, the comfort of console gaming with...

Cooking Diary – Own a Restaurant in this Fun Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Always dreamed of opening your own restaurant and serving delicious food to the masses? Well, in the Cooking Diary Restaurant Game you can make that dream a reality. Cooking Diary is a...

Nitroforce – Blast Away Fat, Build Muscle and Prevent Disease | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s widely accepted that exercise has medicinal effects, but all types of exercise are not equal. New research is crowning resistance training as the best form of exercise due its...

SWISSÖKOLAB – Don’t Just Hide Puffy Eyes, Get Rid of Them | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Routine skin care can do wonders for the health of your skin, but only if you choose the right products with natural ingredients. SWISSOKOLAB does away with harmful chemicals that...

Cake Web Browser – Secure, Mobile-First Browser | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We all surf the internet from our phones, but the browsers that come with them aren’t intuitive – in fact, they were actually designed for a computer. Cake is changing that...

Rogue Pet Science – Fixing What’s Wrong with Pet Food | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Rogue Pet Science is a company looking to completely upend the dog food industry. Founded by two dog lovers, one who is a scientist and works in the field of animal...

Spring – Fully Assembled and Adjustable Walker | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update People need a walker just to get around, but unfortunately, most walkers are just too…well, medical looking. Understandably, that can be a bit of a turn-off, but folks still have...
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Netflix to End Support on Certain Devices in December

By: Nick Gambino Netflix announced that it’s ending support for several popular, yet older, devices on December 1st (or 2nd depending on who you ask)....

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