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Muesli Munchvideo

Muesli Munch – Start Your Day with a Delicious and Unique Breakfast

Consumer Update Cereal, oatmeal, and granola are common breakfast fare, but that doesn’t mean they’re particularly healthy—what with so many of them loaded up with sugar, preservatives, and other nasty ingredients. It’s just...

Qarbo – The Sustainable Sparkling Water-Maker and Fruit Infuser

Consumer Update The choices we make now, affect the state of the planet for future generations. And we’re not talking hundreds of years from now but in the next couple of decades. How...

STRYK – RXT – The World’s First Automated Fitness Robot Trainer

Consumer Update A robotics company for human performance, STRYK is revolutionizing the combat sports and fitness industry bringing advanced technology solutions to your home and gym. By integrating automated robots in the modern...

EON – World’s First Robotic, Touchless, Fat Contouring Device

Consumer Update Get ready for the newest laser technology disrupting the non-invasive lipolysis industry. EON, created by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, is an FDA-cleared laser administered by a precision-built robotic arm that works...
Stack the Scoopsvideo

Stack the Scoops – Award-Winning Card Game for Both Adults and Kids

Consumer Update There’s nothing like a fun game to rally the family troops and encourage bonding. And we’ve got just the one for you. Stack the Scoops is an award-winning card game perfect...

Sleepsia – The Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow for a Perfect Night’s Rest

Consumer Update A third of our lives are spent in bed sleeping or at least trying to sleep. Lack of comfort because of low-quality bedding is a common culprit in getting bad...
S. Lightvideo

S. Light – Rotating LED Display for Roadside Emergencies

Consumer Update Stopping on the side of the road is sometimes necessary, especially when your car is giving you trouble and pulling over is the safest option available to you. Unfortunately, this could...

XSpecial – The Ultimate Blade Meat Tenderizer

Consumer Update Cooking meat is more than just getting that perfect sear or juicy center. Even the yummiest tasting meat goes out the window if it’s chewy. Not only does extra chewy...
Skinny Clipvideo

Hold Your Pants Up with the Twist and Hook Design of Skinny Clip

Consumer Update Belts are a necessary nuisance. There are plenty of us who, if we had the choice, would do away with bulky, cumbersome belts. Well, with Skinny Clip, we can do just...
Magic Linenvideo

MagicLinen – Bespoke Linen Home Textiles and Linen Clothing for Both Men and Women

Consumer Update The magic of linen is directly connected to the care and quality introduced in the creation and crafting of the product. The proper attention to detail and care for your...

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Lyft Unveils New E-Bike

By: Nick Gambino Lyft unveiled their new e-bike users can rent to zip around the city. Electric-powered transportation is quickly becoming the new norm. Tesla...

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