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AppWatch Review

Imagine an app where all the great functions of your favorite social media networks are available but without the limitations and rules that tend to come with them. No need to exercise your imagination though, because this app already exists! It is called Conx2Share and it started as a basic communications app, but quickly grew into an all in one social media platform as well.

First of all, this app is excellent as a communication tool. You can send messages to friends and family be it with text, pictures, or even video. Add an extra touch of personalization  with the option to put text on top of the photos. Share the context and story behind any picture you share in your messages. Features like this bring life to your social media experience. Of course, a good photo speaks for itself, so there’s a cool feature that lets you remove the text to focus on just the image. All you have to do is touch the image with your finger and the text will disappear.  Great for zeroing in on that special image.

As a social media hub it acts as a one stop shop where you can create private and public groups, share photos and videos, messages and posts. There really is no limit to its application. Given this app was developed from the ground up as a mobile platform, it is infinitely smoother than others that started as websites first.

The app is free for iOS and Android devices but there is an option to pay for Plus, Premium and Platinum versions starting at $2.99 a year and going up to $49.99 a year. Each option is packed with more features and comes with addtional cloud storage space. Head to the appstore today and search “Conx2Share” to download it.  You can also download it for iOS and Android devices here and here.

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