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Most people these days own a cellphone. We often take for granted how easy they have made our lives. Most folks only focus on what their cellphones do to make their day to day lives easier, without questioning the source of this convenience. They know it is either an iPhone or a Samsung device, or perhaps a Windows Phone, but who actually built the device? The only time we seem to ask ourselves that is when our phones break, and then it is too late.

The mobile electronics market is flooded with low quality products that are not built to last. This requires consumers to buy more and more, as their phones break before their time. We have all been there, and it is a very frustrating experience. Given the recent economic boom in China, a large amount of phone manufacturing now takes place in the country. According to, China manufactured almost 242 million phones in January and February of 2015 alone. Many Apple products and Samsung products are manufactured there for the sake of mass production. A Japanese company called freetel wants to combat this rising trend of mediocre product quality.

Freetel is a brand of Japanese manufacturer Plus One Marketing, Ltd. Launched in 2013, freetel has a firm commitment to high quality, functional, and low cost products. A new phone by freetel called the Samurai Project is made in Japan and it is building quite the buzz. Our interview with CEO Kaoru Masuda is highlighted below:

“As you know, the Samurai is the Japanese spirit. The definition of the Samurai Project is that we will launch devices with Japanese features, Japanese design, and a high quality level. This is a Japanese project.”

-Kaoru Masuda, CEO of freetel

“Made in Japan is known as high quality, overseas as well. Most devices are manufactured in China, so no one is manufacturing devices in Japan. As a Japanese maker, I want to prepare the Japanese beauty and quality again.”

-Kauro Masuda, CEO of freetel

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