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Milli The SnailInteractive mobile games for children have become pretty popular these days. Children and their young impressionable minds can easily adapt to the touch of a cellphone or tablet. The intuitive nature of the devices can be very fun for kids, and a good way to keep them distracted on long car rides. Unfortunately, not all the content and games they play are doing much for their intellectual development. We here at NewsWatch decided to tell you about an app that can very capably teach as well as entertain. It is a cute iPad game called “Milli: A Small Snail in a Big World”.

Milli The Snail

This aesthetic-driven video game is designed around the story of a snail named Milli. She sets out on an adventure to find out who she is and what her place is in the world. Milli is much like a child herself, giving kids a kind and curious protagonist to identify with. She crawls around Apple Tree Hill where she lives and interacts with various animals like owls, birds, and ladybugs. With every character she comes across she is faced with helping them by solving some puzzle or a game. As she completes these games and solves tMilli The Snailhese puzzles she learns more about herself and the world around her. It teaches children how to solve problems and to be empathetic. Here’s an example of a game they would play. The matriarchal Owl character has lost and broke her glasses. Milli helps her find the various pieces and put them together again. Each animation is water-color and potato stamp based and was drawn by a young artist in Germany. The art is close to a child’s reality, allowing them to identify more with the game. Milli the Snail is compatible with iOS and Android Devices. You can download it for $2.99 in the appstore today.

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