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HakuokiAcclaimed anime video game Hakuoki gained popularity in Japan and has made its way around the world. The game was just recently released in Canada and the U.S. Hakuoki has now become available on iOS and Android devices for the first time, and in English! Originally released on Playstation Portable, Hakuoki revolves around plots dealing with romance, political intrigue and of course super-cool samurai.

This highly stylized game comes with a new bonus, an all-new chapter that you can play called Tea Ceremony. This chapter brings you brand-new art, and all-new dialogue recorded by the Japanese cast.Hakouki - NewsWatchHakouki

For any of you unfamiliar with the Hakouki story, it is based off a novel and follows the story of Chizuru Yukimura in search of her father in the Edo period of Japan. Along the way she meets the Shinsengumi and begins living among an all-male military unit. As war rages on, demons enter the story, testing the honor of Chizuru and the warriors she has come to love.

This game has everything from betrayal to intrigue to seduction. You’ll meet samurai with supernatural powers along your adventure. That’s all in the story, but the beauty of this game is in the art. It’s highly aesthetic.Hakouki

It’s a game so your actions and decisions will decide Chizuru’s fate and all the endings aren’t necessarily happy ones. You have the ability to shape the story ending in a fate of your choosing while fighting to overcome numerous obstacles.

To purchase Hakuoki you can buy the Standard Edition where the prologue is free and each chapter of the remaining 14 costs only $2.99. Or you can buy the Premium edition for $27.99 and get all chapters upfront.

This game has received great reviews so head on over to your appstore and search “Hakuoki” to download it today!

For more information, visit Hakuoki.com.