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ZwookyAs the digital world grows, so does our ability to communicate to others. But it’s a bit of a double-edged sword as we tend to also lose anonymity. Check out ZWOOKY, a very simple idea that has infinite possibilities. Once you register with ZWOOKY, a random code is assigned to you. This code is now your anonymous way into the ZWOOKY world. It replaces your e-mail and phone number when you want to communicate with someone online but don’t want to give out your personal information. Users are linked exclusively by means of this code.

For example, let’s say you meet a stranger that blossoms into a great conversation. Naturally you might want to continue that relationship but you don’t really know them yet so giving out your phone number or e-mail may not be the safest option. Give them your ZWOOKY code instead.

Once they log in to ZWOOKY they can then message you without receiving any of your personal information. After that it’s up to you if you want to reveal any more about yourself. It’s not thought of as a social media network, but a first-contact solution. This app ensures privacy and protection from the many dangers online and eliminates worry while ensuring safety.

Whether you are screening potential romantic partners, investigating prospective business associates, seeking the secure return of lost-and-found possessions, or weary of creeping data thieves, ZWOOKY is the app that solves these endeavors.

ZWOOKY is available in English and German and will expand its languages in future versions. You can even use your ZWOOKY code on your luggage or personal items so anyone who finds them can contact you.

You can get ZWOOKY for free on your iOS or Android device by going to your appstore today or just log on to their website

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