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Have you ever wanted to take back a text you sent or change what you said? Text messaging has more features than it did a few years back, but it’s still seriously lacking. reTXT is a new app that takes all the functions of text messaging you’re used to and beefs them up with added features and functionality that you didn’t realize you wanted until now.

reTXTIt lets you clarify, edit and delete any message including ones already sent. No more autocorrect changing a message that was not meant to be sent. That goes for photos, videos, and audio. Just swipe to the left on sent messages and you’re given the option to edit or delete. If you don’t understand a received text you can swipe left and a question mark will appear next to it with an alert to the sender that you need clarification.

Other features include being able to leave and join group messages freely and see when someone is typing you a message with an icon that tells you whether it’s a photo, video, text and so on. One additional feature that stands out is the security. Each message is end-to-end encrypted, so the only people who can decipher the message are the sender and receiver. So no need to worry about your phone getting hacked, or at least no worries about your messages being hacked.

Another benefit is that reTXT works on data network instead of cellular so there are no per message charges.  reTXT is a free 60 day trial app for iOS and Android devices and signing up is simple and easy. Just search “reTXT” in your App Store today.