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It’s the digital era, but some people just didn’t get the memo. You may still find yourself dealing with paper documents which you need to convert to a digital file. Luckily with the app Scanument that won’t be a problem.

With this convenient app you can now take photos of documents and the app will convert the photo into a clean, high-quality digital document. Whether its business cards, receipts, forms, contracts, blueprints, notes coupons, etc., Scanument will help capture the memo. It enhances the photo to look natural and crisp, like a document scanned with a copier.

While apps like this are out there none are of this quality. But where it’s really unique is the ability to manage and manipulate the documents afterwards. You can merge and split documents, re-order pages, adjust contrast, fix margins and a lot more. For comparison you can easily look at the edited document next to the original photo.

Once you’re done manipulating the document to your needs you can choose PDF or JPG to send in email, save to your photo library, AirDrop, export to iCloudDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and more. You can use tags to organize your documents and with the export history you can keep track of where a document was sent.

Scanument is compatible with iOS devices for free and is available in a plethora of language so it can be productively used worldwide. Move into the era of technological efficiency and avoid using scanner.

Head to the appstore and search for “Scanument” to download it now.