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If you or your company is looking for a better way to interact with people viewing your presentation, check out Lintelus.  It is designed to engage attendees and gives them the opportunity to interact with your presentation by allowing them to take notes directly on each slide using their own tablet, smartphone or computer.

If you’re the presenter, all you have to do is upload the presentation file to Lintelus – it only takes a few seconds- and then send an invite directly from the easy to use interface. And since it’s browser-based there’s no need for attendees to download an app. What’s great is attendees can’t jump ahead because the presenter sets the pace – but attendees can go back to review previous slides. At the end, attendees can download the presentation with their notes attached for later review. This allows for a higher retention rate and a clearer understanding of the material encouraging more ideas to be exchanged.

Lintelus allows presenters to gather more valuable insight into attendee behavior and improve the quality of business relationships extending past the presentation. This kind of product can be an essential asset to help expedite and improve sales for small as well as large companies.

Lintelus is compatible with any device or computer with a web browser, making it a truly universal interactive tool for better presentations.  Lintelus is free by signing up on