Bonaverde – Roast, Grind, Brew Coffee Maker | Best of CES

Most of us can’t live without coffee, especially during CES. And what could possibly be better than making coffee more accessible and more affordable for everyone? Also ensuring that the sourcing of said coffee is accountable. One emerging company is bringing coffee makers to the 21st century by creating not only a machine but a way of life and a community.

It is called Bonaverde and they are here to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. Bonaverde’s Founder, Hans Stier, describes his product as, “the world’s 1st Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee maker that connects you directly with the coffee grower – in your kitchen, in your office, in your local coffee shop.” It appears that this new machine can do it all. It connects all aspects of one simple pot of coffee in one transaction making that first morning cup all the more savory. According to Hans, “Bonaverde internet-connected all machines to be a network of the freshest coffee ever: you check on the map where to get your favorite cup, you go and identify yourself as a “CoffeeChanger” and get free Coffee wherever there is a Bonaverde Coffee Corner. “It’s like a Spotify for coffee.” The new company has expanded the world of coffee.

While coffee is a necessity for most of us in the working world, it can also get quite expensive paying for it daily. So for all the coffee lovers out there, Bonaverde is letting people sign up free of charge on their platform with six months of free coffee. As of May, Bonaverde’s founder states the company will install machines in all major cities with $10 memberships per month. As a perk to signing up in advance the company guarantees its first members six months of free coffee, so if you are addicted to coffee or enjoy it on a daily basis, head to today.