Audi of America – E-Tron Quattro Concept |NewsWatch Review

If you’ve heard of the word “car” then you have most likely heard of an Audi before.  They’ve been coming to CES for 6 years now and in 2011 became the first premium car manufacturer to take part in the show.  This year they’re highlighting three future trends in the auto industry: electrification, digitalization, and piloted driving.

The Audi E-tron Quattro Concept Car unites these trends by embraces electrification without compromising on the classic Audi styling.  It’s equal parts efficient, practical and sporty while its 0 to 62 off-the-line-speed clocks in at 4.6 seconds. The Audi e-tron quattro concept uses the power of three electric motors: One electric motor drives the front axle, the two others act on the rear axle. It has very strong traction and the interior mock-up is even more impressive. When driving on a curvy road, the Torque Control Manager actively distributes the power between the rear wheels as necessary. This torque vectoring provides for maximum dynamics and stability. The curved OLED in the Audi virtual cockpit and two touchscreens with online services will assist the driver with up-to-date traffic and weather data. Audi reports that “The concept study is equipped with all the technologies that Audi has developed for piloted driving: radar sensors, a video camera, ultrasonic sensors and a laser scanner. The data these supply come together in the central driver assistance controller (zFAS) in the luggage compartment. It computes a complete model of the car’s surroundings in real time and makes this information available to all assistance systems and the systems for piloted driving. These technologies are also nearly ready for use in production vehicles.” This is a game changer!

Then there’s the Audi Virtual Reality headset, making Audi the first car maker to take advantage of Virtual Reality applications.  Customers can use this headset to experience test driving an Audi right in the dealership. Audi is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation.

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