Autel Robotics – Drones For The Every Man | NewsWatch Review

Looking to buy a drone, but you’re just finding it impossible to purchase one? Well, look no further. Companies like Autel Robotics, have made drones readily available to the consumer market and possible for anyone to purchase.  Right now they’re showcasing their latest X-Star line right at CES 2016. There are three drones in the X-Star series, which are the X-Star Go, the X-Star and the X-Star Premium. Their base model, the X-Star Go, doesn’t include but is fully compatible with GoPro Hero 4 camera and even features an inflight control of the GoPro while in use by using their mobile app. Also, setting up your GoPro onto the drone only takes a brief minute so you’re ready to be flying in no time! The battery for the X-Star is lightweight yet powerful, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing your drone down. The remote controller for the X-Star Go is easy to use and has a mount for your to attach your smartphone or tablet onto so you can see all the exciting footage in real time!  If you don’t feel like separately purchasing a camera to use with your drone, Autel Robotics has you covered. The X-Star comes with an integrated 4K Ultra HD camera that has very crisp and clear footage. If that isn’t enough all drones in the X-Star series includes a 3-Axis Gimbal for stable flight footage. Now, if you’re looking to go all out and splurge a bit, for $999 you get a whole bundle with the X-Star Premium. It has all the same features and technology as the X-Star, but also includes a few different types of navigational technology for stable flight footage.

The X-Star and X-Star Premium standout from other drones in the market because the fully, easily removable 3-axis gimbal and 4K Ultra HD camera, their remote controllers have an LCD display, which provides a backup control panel on top of the mobile app, and the SecureFly magnetic interference protection technology, which helps prevent crashes and flyaways in difficult environments.

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