Glass-Guard – Protect Your Screens | NewsWatch Review

We pay decent money for our phones, tablets, and smart watches, so they should be durable enough for daily usage, right? Well, that’s not really the case – especially when it comes to phones.  One company that’s created a new kind of protection for our devices is Glass-Guard.

“Glass-Guard is an amazing new screen protector made in the UK. You can say good-bye to tempered glass, all you need is Glass-Guard. Glass-Guard is a liquid so, it’s universal. It works on all devices with glass. It’s a permanent coating so we’ve got to educate our customers that it’s invisible.” – Duncan Scoular, Co-Founder

“When this liquid is applied to your phone, it hardens the glass. Once it hardens, it’s permanent, but as with anything on a molecular level, it’s going to deteriorate. There is nothing in the world, and no scientist that can do better than that at the moment, but on the level; with your smartphone, with your wearables, you can drop them onto concrete and it wont scratch. It’s scratch proof. We have tested with hammers, we have dropped phones… it’s what you need for your phone.” – Colin Magee, Co-Founder

Glass-Guard is also suitable for all screens made of glass. So no matter if you want to protect your Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy, Glass-Guard will formulate to it. This universal fit (for lack of a better word) is another feature that sets Glass-Guard apart. This takes the guesswork out of finding the right screen protector for your particular device. It also creates a great way for you to maintain a sleek look to your phone. Instead of a bulky case, you can show off that awesome phone that you chose. Glass-Guard is also extremely cost effective!

If you want to learn more about Glass-Guard, head online to today.