Level Tool Advanced – Level On Your Phone | NewsWatch Review

Ever download an app that is so convenient it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it?  Here is an app that is definitely one of those.  It’s called Level Tool Advanced and it is used to ensure that all of your projects are level.

It accurately measures vertically, horizontally, and also at surface level. Most free level apps on the market don’t offer a free surface level feature.  The app has a hold button, which can hold degree measurements so you don’t need to worry about remembering them or writing them down. It’s efficient for those involved in construction or interior design or even for people who are just trying to hang something on a wall for home decor. Level Tool Advanced works exceptionally well and is made for alignments of picture frames, walls, boards, door frames, furniture and more.

One other thing that makes this app unique is its calibrating feature. You can calibrate each bubble level to whichever device you’re using the app on.  They also have a pro version, which has the added inclinometer feature. The inclinometer measures pitch and slope, which is crucial for certain jobs. This feature also ensures that there 100% accuracy in leveling objects. It has simple setup instructions, which provides not only clarity but also efficiency as well. Other great features include: surface level, horizontal bubble level, vertical bubble level, HOLD button to hold degree measurements, custom calibration buttons, easy to understand instructions screen, share features, AND a great contact us feature as well!

This app has got 4.5 out of 5 ratings on iTunes already. You can go to the store and buy a bulky $10 level or, you can get a 100% accurate and mobile one, that fits in your pocket for only $1.99. The free and pro versions are available on iOS, on the App store. Head to the App Store to download the Level Tool Advanced today.