Scale-1 Portal – Immersive, Inclusive Virtual Reality | NewsWatch Review

Virtual Reality has been around for years but only recently has it become popular on a consumer level with the success of VR headsets. But those headsets really aren’t for everybody.  If you’ve worn one before, you know they can cause motion sickness and also completely isolate you from the world while you’re wearing them.

The company SCALE-1 PORTAL has solved those problems.  With their SCALee product they’ve devised a way for you to fully immerse yourself in a 3D virtual world without the need for a full headset.  It’s basically a 3D theater, which includes a projector, sensors and a PC.  After that, throw on some 3D glasses and you’re ready to step into animmersive virtual reality game in a real scale environment.  Real-time tracking allows you to interact with the world and allow it to shift as if you were really there.  So if you’re playing a shooter game and ducking behind walls you’ll feel like you’re really there dodging bullets.

There are other applications to the SCALee other than gaming; 3D Home Theater where you can enjoy your movies on a ten foot wide screen and you could also enjoy your favorite sports teams in a new and immersive way. Since there are no headsets or wires the SCALee is far more socially inclusive, so your friends and family can all enjoy with you!

“The final version is scheduled to be released at the end of 2016. In the meantime, a development kit is available for early access to the SCALee technology and contents development. This kit includes an early version of SCALee (fully functional), the future runner game, the Unity SDK and regular software updates.”

They’re starting a kickstarter campaign in an effort to launch the product. So if you want to learn more head on over to or