Pricerazzi – Get Your Money Back | NewsWatch Review

How would you like to get money back after shopping? Well Pricerazzi is a cool price match app that helps you do just that.

In a nutshell Pricerazzi tracks down competitive prices on anything you bought to make sure you got the best price. After you’ve bought the item, take a picture of the receipt through the app. This can be for non-consumable items like clothes, housewares, electronics, or appliances. Pricerazzi uses the receipt amount to scour the internet for a better price, checking online stores and brick and mortar price match policies. If it finds one, you’ll be notified. At this point you can accept the deal and pay the app a success fee of 15 percent. Let’s say Pricerazzi finds the same item somewhere else for $100 less, if you accept the deal then you only pay the app 15 dollars and get back 85 back.  Not too bad, right? How many times have you purchased an item and told someone about it only to hear that your friend had gotten a better price. This could be a really great app to use when you buy gadgets and electronics! The price on those items often differs by hundreds of dollars from store to store depending on their current sales.

There are over 250 thousand retail locations in North America that have price match polices yet less than 5 percent of consumers know they exist. That’s a huge percentage of Americans missing out on savings! With today’s technology, why would anyone want to live like that?

You can start getting money back today by downloading Pricerazzi for free on iOS and Android devices or using their website at

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