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App Review

A motto we like to live by is you should live life with the intention of continually creating memorable experiences. Hopefully you live by that too. Well here is an app that allows your friends to share in those experiences with you. It’s called Voux – a play on the word “rendezvous”.

Voux is a lifestyle app that tracks your activities and events, keeping your friends up to date all the while. So, let’s say you are running in a 5K. Once you arrive at the race, just create a spot on the app. Think of it kind of like a hotspot. You can now share your moments from that spot. Share pictures of what you are doing and send and receive messages. Friends can check in on your spot, stay up to date on what you are  doing, and even follow the path that you run with a feature called “Hands-Free Location Sharing”. You will have the option to set your spot to private or public to restrict just anyone from checking in. Now you can also use Voux to create and plan travel, events and activities with your friends. When everyone is headed to the location, the map integration feature will help you all get there. But, if you really don’t want to create your own spot, you can simply browse your friends’ or even check into public spots. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and see who’s doing what when everyone has such a busy schedule.

Are you ready to start creating and sharing memorable experiences with your friends? Voux is available for free on iOS devices. Head to the app store or voux.rocks to download it today.

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