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When you think of a phone today, you probably think of more than just a device to place a call. Today’s phones are pocket sized computers capable of doing so much more. In fact, one of the major uses for phones is gaming. For gamers, their choice in smart phone must be able to handle games whether they are simple mobile casino games like slot machines or graphic laden games like Call of Duty.

HTC One M10

In the past 1 GB of RAM was the gold standard for a gaming phone. However, this is no longer the case as games become more demanding as well as other phone applications. Why not purchase a phone that has the most RAM you can find? That’s what make the M10 a gaming phone with its impressive 4 GB of RAM.


Samsung Galaxy S7

This latest Galaxy model also features a hefty 4 GB of RAM. Another update to the phone which cannot be found in any other phone is the patented waterproof technology. If you happen to be playing a casino game, no worries about losing your game if you accidentally drop your phone into some water.

Motorola Droid Turbo

While this phone has only 3 GB of RAM, it does offer a 5.2 inch display for a smaller price tag.

iPhone 7

No matter what other devices are out on the market, some gamers simply prefer an Apple phone. For these gamers, the upcoming iPhone 7 is no doubt the best version for gaming. Reported to be released in the fall, this model will have edge to edge display screen with the largest size to date. The processor will be even faster which is key in accommodating gaming.


For gamers, one of the best features of this device is the 5.6” display as some gamers prefer a larger view. Also important is a quick processor and this G5 delivers with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 2.9 GHz processor. No longer do gamers have to be frustrated over lagging game feed when the G5 keeps the action going.

Comparing these five different phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be the best choice. It provides the most features that are important for gamers including the cutting edge waterproof technology.

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