Caricoin – Caribbean Digital Currency Wallet | NewsWatch Review

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People from the Caribbean know that sending and receiving money can be pretty costly. If they have to go to the bank to pay a bill, the actual travel costs can be more expensive than the bill itself. And that’s if they even have a bank account, which can take months to setup. That’s where the app Caricoin comes into play. Caricoin is a bitcoin wallet designed specifically for people in the Caribbean.

Caricoin makes it easy to setup a simple account by linking it to the user’s mobile number. Once the account is set up, the user now has access to bitcoins, the new digital currency. Bitcoins are digital tokens that you buy with regular currency and store in Caricoin digital wallet. Bitcoins can be sent instantly to anyone around the world without going through a bank or any other financial institution.

There are no preconditions to qualify and sending and receiving money is as easy as using your email. By using Caricoin you also avoid any fees normal financial institutes impose. There’s even a great social function integrated into the mobile app with the ability to chat with other users. Caricoin basically created a streamline communication between the sender and receiver, making it easy to know who sent the money and when it should be received. Caricoin also offers a feature that allows for instant refilling of pre-paid minutes on mobile phones. Caricoin isn’t just good for sending money at the touch of a button, it can also be used to pay for products and services at thousands of participating online retailers.

Caricoin is available for Android devices with an iOS app coming soon. You can download it for free at the GooglePlay store or by going to today.

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