Runtastic Results – Personalized Training App | NewsWatch Review


Bodyweight training is the newest fitness trend. It’s a style of exercising that doesn’t involve machines or free-weights and instead utilizes your body’s own weight as a form of resistance.  And it’s incredibly effective – in just a few minutes a day, you’ll see massive results in your body-form and metabolism.  So if you’re interested in bodyweight training, check out the new Runtastic Results app.

It’s a one stop shop for all fitness levels – offering a 12-week personalized training plan that is chock-full of exercises and over 150 full-HD explainer videos – so you never have to guess how to properly execute an exercise. And because health isn’t just about exercising, it’s also about nutrition – they have a week-by-week nutrition and lifestyle health guide to maximize your results.  Now, the folks at Runtastic Results also understand that sometimes finding the motivation to workout is the hardest hurdle to overcome – so they’ve created a social element to the app where you can connect with other users to work towards a goal as a group.  And they also go in the opposite direction – if you only have a few minutes, they have standalone workouts that you can do in minutes. This makes the app really truly hard to resist. It caters to your specific fitness needs.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, including Apple TV.  To download it, head to or search for Runtastic results in your appstore today. Don’t forget that Runtastic Results is just one of the many fitness apps that Runtastic has! Be sure to check them all out today.

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