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Wouldn’t it be nice to keep an eye on your home when you’re away without breaking the bank or needing an advanced degree in electronics to set it up? Then look no further than HouseSetter a simple, affordable solution that monitors the vital signs of your home when you can’t.

Setting up and using HouseSetter is remarkably easy: When he arrives, unpack him and plug him into an electrical outlet. Don’t worry about needing an internet connection, Wi-Fi or a phone line. Sherlock contains his own connection to Verizon’s award winning cellular network. Sherlock’s sensors monitor your home’s temperature, humidity level, and power status. Any time an issue arises you’ll receive an alert via text or e-mail. Temp or humidity goes too low or too high you’re alerted. Power goes out potentially causing costly complications, you’re alerted. Plus, its built in battery backup will keep it running even if you lose power. For even more peace of mind, you can request a picture from the camera in Sherlock’s collar. And even if everything is A-OK at home, Sherlock will still send you a report to keep you updated.

Sherlock is an awesome tool for rental or vacation properties, those places that sit uninhabited for periods of time. The worst kind of surprise is walking into your vacation home and finding out that the pipes froze or that humidity has caused mold or mildew. On a positive note, imagine driving all day to get to that vacation home and have the temperature be perfect when you walk in instead of waiting for the AC to cool the place down or for the heat to kick on enough to warm up your cabin.

HouseSetter comes in at only $120 with service starting at $5 a month.  Just head to to purchase it today.

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