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When it comes to big data, the conversation is typically around infrastructure. While infrastructure is important, people tend to forget one key element – the user. Lucidworks Fusion is a search platform that was built with the user in mind. This enterprise-grade tool allows companies – big and small – to organize all of their data in a meaningful way.

We stopped by the Lucidworks office to chat with CEO Will Hayes about their platform and what makes it unique and why you need it for your data interpretation. Here is what he had to say:

“The ‘secret sauce’ and the real focus is the idea around importance within your data. Providing relevance and context around data so it’s not dumping tons of information in front of your users, it’s actually providing the right set of information to the right user at the right time. So, we look at the way people interact with data, we actually capture those, as we call them, signals and we use machine learning and other sort of statistical technique to determine where we think the most relevant sets of information are going to be for any particular user.”

Lucidworks Fusion allows companies to organize their information, secure it, and then search through it for the most accurate results.

“We can scale up to tens of billions of documents, we can serve up to hundreds of millions of requests per day. And in the smarts aspect its really about driving that contextual data experience or ability to provide recommendations, more proactive data feeds back into users is something that is really unique to our platform.”

Now if you want to learn more about Lucidworks Fusion, head to today.

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