Solis VR – Virtual Reality to Aid the Elderly | NewsWatch Review

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Caring for an elderly relative is something most of us will encounter in life.  One of the biggest problems in caring for them is helping them deal with their loss of activity and mobility. This is where Solis VR comes in.

As the first portable VR solution for aged care, Solis brings virtual activity to the home of your loved one. The system consists of a Samsung S7, Samsung Gear VR and their custom designed Solis program. After trialing over 100 virtual experiences in aged care, they are beginning with five: canoeing, the Arctic, Bali, scuba and the treetops of Canada…with more to come. SolisVR has had tremendous response from dementia residents, and although not clinically tested, have feedback that agitated residents can become calm in 10 minutes and remain this way for up to three days. The experience is also completely hands free and can be triggered visually making it more convenient. There’s even an option for the caregiver to see what the patient is seeing through a tablet in real time – which has been successful in opening up communication between residents and those around them.

These patients are often unreached by standard practices that have been used in the past, the use of virtual reality could really open up these patients in a way that we have not been seeing with medication and therapy. This is a whole new frontier in the use for VR and also in the world of geriatric care, definitely keep an eye on Solis for the future of patient care.

For more information on Solis check out their website at

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