Ninja Trail – Awesome Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


While some mobile app puzzle games can be pretty addicting, it’s rare that one comes along that can keep your interest for long periods of time. Check out the app Ninja Trail.

This highly challenging yet addictive game will be hard to put down once you get started. The game follows the story of a lone ninja named Zeko – who, after being cast out from his village, must fight his ninja brethren on a quest to free his Master from the dark land. Ninja Trail is reminiscent of old school 2D puzzle games. It plays with the simplicity of Pac Man, addictiveness of Candy Crush, and the challenges of Angry Birds. That’s a pretty strong recipe for a fun-packed game. You have to run, dash and slide around guards to fill in the trail with your footsteps and complete each level. Pick up coins and gems along the way that you can use for in-house purchases like Bypassing a Level, Extra Lives, or Power Ups.

You can even expand your ninja experience with your friends! “Join our Ninja community where you can compete with all of your Facebook friends in this exciting, amazing journey! Play your Ninja to complete the trail with your ninja footprints! Good Luck Ninjas! Play/Experience/Help and compete with friends online to find out what the fuss is all about.”

Ninja Trail is free to download on iOS and Android devices with the option of in-app purchases. Search for ‘Ninja Trail” in the App store or Google Play store to download it today.

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