XCubes – Reinvented Spreadsheets | NewsWatch Review


Spreadsheets are a vital tool for maintaining and working with data. Excel is usually the popular go-to tool for creating spreadsheets but it’s been around for over 30 years and is, for lack of a better word, pretty basic. So if you’re tired of Excel, check out XCubes.

XCubes works in a structured way that solves a lot of the problems that plague Excel by separating data from formulas. It’s a multidimensional spreadsheet system that allows you to create and edit cubes which can store larger amounts of data. It also allows for data exploration and analysis by dragging and dropping the cube’s dimensions. The cubes use far less formulas which makes their maintenance much easier than your typical spreadsheet. Cubes will automatically shrink or grow when you add or remove dimensions. And real names are used for formulas instead of traditional cell references. Charts are easily created and can be explored just like cubes. Now if you’ve already got some Excel documents you’d like to open in XCubes, that’s no problem. You can either open it directly in the app or just copy and paste it. So, if your work and life is dictated by spreadsheets and worksheets, XCubes could be a great new way to organize and change the way that you function every day.

If you think that you need to give XCubes a try, search for “XCubes” in the App Store to download it today. XCubes is currently available on iOS devices for free. Or head over to XCubes.net.

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