Look & Find: Fun Activities! – Educational Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


Mobile games aren’t always just about having fun, sometimes they can be educational too. Booty Bay Games has published 3 successful games and now they’re ready to tackle kids’ games with Look & Find: Fun Activities! Look & Find is an educational game for children ages 2 to 6. With impressive graphics and comprehensive gameplay, it easily holds a child’s interest – which is what you want when you’re trying to help the little ones learn. Each theme includes 4 levels to beat. Themes include the zoo, the beach, the countryside, a circus, an amusement park and a mountain. Each theme has 4 unique stages to play over and over again. It’s full of colorful pictures that stimulate your child’s imagination and cognitive skills while simultaneously building up their vocabulary by learning up to 120 words. And with Look & Find in 6 different languages kids can even pick up foreign languages. And don’t worry – younger kids can play the game without text so they can focus on the images. And with no ads you won’t have to worry about your child accidentally exiting the game. Game play also takes place in a secure environment for kids, with additional security questions before reaching the settings. Look & Find: Fun Activities! is a great entertainment and learning tool for any kid and a life saver for a parent on the go.

Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “Look & Find: Fun Activities” or head to lookandfindgames.com.  This game is the first of a series of games and is available for Smartphones and Tablets.

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