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So, human bodies are meant to be active and constantly moving throughout the day. But in the current office environment we find ourselves sitting at our desk for hours at a time. It’s time to get moving. Check out the Officiser.

This innovative under-the-desk exerciser acts as a non-disruptive aid to keeping you moving even while you type at your computer. Through the use of intricate engineering borrowing from zero-gravity glide rails and full-range pedal rotation you’ll find you can experience the benefits of walking right from the comfort of your desk. The Officiser’s push and pull movement allows for the burning of calories while it stimulates joints and muscles and stretches your calves and ankles. The leg movements are dynamic and stretchy, while also keeping your upper body straight and steady, making it a perfect work companion. Officising is as natural as fidgeting, and the continuous movements result in better blood circulation, which means more oxygen and nutrients for your brain that helps you focus and think. When you want to stop moving, Officiser works beautifully as a foot rest keeping your legs slightly elevated and maintains your good posture. As important as exercise is in your daily activities, proper posture is just as important for your long term health.

“There are 26 bones and 50 odd muscles just on each foot, and a large % of muscles are concentrated on your lower body. Moving the lower body will stimulate blood circulation and the brain (prefrontal cortex), while burning calories.”

The Officiser is currently available on Indiegogo. If you’d like to pre-order one for yourself search for “Officiser” on Indiegogo or go to

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