Concrete Jungle – City Building Game | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever wanted to build entire cities maybe as an architect or a city planner? Well short of going out and actually doing it in the real world maybe you’d enjoy living out your fantasy in a mobile game.  Well, we’ve got just the game for you then. Concrete Jungle is a humorous puzzle game that allows you to build cities complete with buildings, factories, power plants, roller coasters, and more.

As a sequel to the game MegaCity, Concrete Jungle is a puzzle game – kind of like Tetris combined with The Sims. You start with a deck of selected cards. Each card is used to place a building. Depending on which kind of building you select it’ll affect the surroundings in different ways. The goal here is to clear city blocks by gathering the required number of points from residents, giving you more room to build. As your city grows, bigger and better buildings are added to your deck. The more opportunities in your deck, the more the residents will demand of you.  It’s a ton of fun to see how your city and citizens change over time.

Concrete Jungle has a ton of great features including: over 230 cards available and no micro-transactions, 8 Playable characters each with their own skill tress, unique cards and play style, hilarious fully voice-acted story mode, and competitive city planning featuring challenging AI in ‘Versus’ mode.

You can download it for $4.99 for iOS, Android or on your PC. Just head to the Google Play, App Store, or today.

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