RevoMax – Easy Click Button Close Bottle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Drinking water throughout the day is part of a healthy lifestyle, which is why so many of us own reusable water bottles. You know the ones with the screw-on tops. The thing is, these screw on and off tops can be a pain. Especially when you only have one hand free like when you’re driving or talking on the phone. Well, check out the innovative and eco-friendly RevoMax.

RevoMax sets itself apart from the typical water bottle as it does away with screw threads. It replaces this system with a simple button release system. Two buttons exist on each side of the cap. Simply click the buttons to release and lift. To close it, just slide the cap back into the neck and pull back the safety ring. The green safety button pops up letting you know it’s sealed and your contents are safe. RevoMax features double-wall vacuum insulation, an inner copper-plated reflection layer and a double seal cap. It comes in two sizes: 12-ounce or 20-ounce. Take your pick from several different colors: onyx black, fire red, glacier cyan, galaxy silver and lilac purple. Its sleek body is easy to grip and fits nicely into most cup holders. Multi-layer insulation keeps the bottle surface comfortable to the touch no matter how cold or hot the contents are. The double-seal cap ensures that your lips do not suffer scalding even if the beverage inside is piping hot.

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