Sketch Nation Create – Easy Mobile Game Designing | NewsWatch Review


Playing games on your phone or tablet is as addictive as it is fun. But there’s so much content on the Google Play and App Store that it’s pretty much hit or miss whether you’ll find a good game. So, why not put the game play in your own hands with Sketch Nation Create?

Sketch Nation is an app that allows you to create your own online game from the bottom up. Let your imagination run wild as you draw backgrounds and characters. Use photos or original artwork to add the right touch to your game. You can choose modes – from running games similar to Mario, to puzzle games like 2048 and more. You can even choose whether you want to create a simple or advanced game. This platform is used by schools and players all around the world to create simple games for kids or advanced games for hardcore gamers. But no matter who you’re creating a game for, you’re learning through creation and play. And you can even share your game and challenge friends.  Or you can create a multiplayer game and play in real-time with family and friends.

“Sketch Nation lets you create games by drawing them. Select a game genre and then, using your own art, photos and ideas, design characters, scenery and objects to bring your games to life!”

There have been over 95,000 games created since Sketch Nation started and over 13 million games have been played through their platform.

You can download Sketch Nation for free on the Google Play or Apple app store or play on

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