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HID Global is a leader in trusted identity solutions. Through HID Trusted Tag Services with its NFC Tags, they make proof of presence possible at locations around the world.  Combined with their NFC tags, travelers can check in at destinations all over the world. But here’s where the use of this technology gets unique.  HID Global has started a charitable campaign, Tap Around the World, that combines charitable giving with their NFC technology.

The campaign allows travelers an interactive experience where they can prove that they’ve reached particular destinations. A Harvard-educated software engineer-turned-adventurer, Nuseir Yassin, accepted the challenge to set up an HID Trusted Tag in one of the most famous and remote places in the world – Easter Island. Through his actions these tags are now situated on Easter Island off the coast of Chile and on Park Avenue in New York City. When someone wants to prove that they’ve been there, they simply tap their phone to the tag. Each time someone does that, HID Global donates 1 dollar to a local charity in that location.

Tap Around the World and HID Global are creating a worthy incentive for people to travel to amazing places across the globe while giving back to the place that they are exploring. With millions of people traveling to places like New York every day, millions of dollars could be donated to a worthy charity with the simple touch of a finger. Giving back has never been easier.

For more information on Tap Around the World visit hidglobal.com/taparoundtheworld.

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