Pocket Earth – Travel without Roaming | NewsWatch Review


Traveling without decent access to the internet can be challenging. Sometimes we need guidance so we arrive at our intended destinations. That’s where Pocket Earth comes in.

Pocket Earth provides detailed worldwide maps and travel guides, completely offline. This comes in handy especially if you’re abroad and want to avoid expensive data roaming charges.  These beautiful, retina quality maps arrive on your phone at only a fraction of the size of Apple or Google Maps. Downloading cities or even entire countries is a breeze. And it’s all for the traveler so you’ll get access to thousands of interesting places including restaurants and hotels, tourist sites, and public transports.

“Our ultra-fast OpenGL ES based MagikEngine uses the same graphics technology as video games to render vector maps in real time. So, unlike other map apps which only download pre-rendered images (map tiles), our maps are only a fraction of the size, and you can better control the appearance of the map with different style sheets and data layers.”

Pocket Earth is also great for trip planning. Pin destinations, get directions, and save your trips for later while traveling offline. There are more than 25,000 detailed Travel Guides as well as over 1 million Wikipedia articles directly accessible from the map. For the outdoors, Pocket Earth offers worldwide topographic maps so you see contour lines and understand the terrain and explore with confidence. Pocket Earth is loaded with features. We can’t help but recommend it to all you world travelers out there!

You can download Pocket Earth for iOS for free or get the Pro version for $4.99. Download it on the App Store today.

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