EPIKGO – Awesome Balance Board | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Let’s face it, walking is boring. If you need to get somewhere why not do it in style? The EPIKGO is a top of the line electronic balance board that has been designed from the bottom up to be fun and safe.

No matter where you want to take it this bad boy can handle it. Rough terrains, smooth sidewalks, grass fields, it glides smoothly over all of it. The EPIKGO can travel up to 10 miles per hour for 10 miles on a single charge. That’s faster than the other boards out there. Now, the scooter contains a gyro-scopic motor that effortlessly adjusts to simple movements and weight shifts allowing you to experience a flawless ride. The 400 watt dual motors give the traditional balance board a run for its money as it’s two times more powerful. As I mentioned it’s incredibly safe, having passed the UL 2272 safety test, one of the few balance boards to do that. There are even bright LED lights that will keep you visible at night. The UL safety test also ensures that these boards don’t overheat and catch on fire like some other boards on the market.

The Space Grey EPIKGO Classic fetches for $599.99 while both the Rose Gold and Elite Silver sell for $699.99. If you go to epikgo.com, you can get 5% off by using the code EPIKGO05 today. Not enough coolness for you? They have epic accessories as well to deck out your ride, like the premium hard shell carrying bag, alloy wheel fender cover, and rubber foot mat.

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