Boxed – Mobile Bulk Shopping | NewsWatch Review


If you’ve ever gone to a wholesale store, then you know the beauty of having all your household needs in bulk and at killer prices. But wholesale shopping clubs are few and far between, especially if you live in a city. Enter Boxed.

Boxed is the mobile solution to this problem. If you’re looking for convenience and savings, this app delivers. You can browse through the curated list of household items including groceries, beverages, bath and body products, cleaning supplies, home and office, babies and kids, pets, and much more. Each product is sold in bulk with marked-down prices. And what’s even better is most orders ship for free and arrive within two days. You just can’t beat that. But besides the convenience of having it all shipped to your home, unlike other brick and mortar wholesale shopping clubs, Boxed has no membership fees. Each order also comes with two free samples to try to introduce you to new products that you may enjoy. There’s just something about tapping a few options on your phone and having your order appear at your doorstep that no regular store can top.

Another nice thing about shopping from your phone is the ability to keep your head about you while shopping instead of getting distracted by your own hunger or flashy signage. When shopping in bulk, your main goal is to save money and in order to save money, you need to stay on point. Boxed helps you do just that.

Download the Boxed app for free in the App or Google Play Store or head to today.

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